Terror in Berlin and yesterday’s links

Terrorists struck twice on Monday. First, a Russian Ambassador was gunned down over Aleppo in Ankara. Then, a truck was driven through a Christmas crowd in Berlin. Tensions are high and people are worried. Will it continue?

Conservative News

LGBT activist says gay rights movement has “lost its way”

Virginia bill would ban late-term abortions after 20 weeks on babies who feel intense pain

Pro-life atheist activist Rob Sherman killed in crash

Islamists attack, burn evacuation buses in Aleppo

Why it matters that a majority of Republican voters seem to believe Trump won the popular vote

Michael Moore offers to pay fines for faithless electors who refuse to vote for Donald Trump

NY Times: Global warming is turning polar bears into “refugees

The left marches on the electoral college

The left marches on the electoral college

…WSJ: Trump poised to overcome final hurdle

…DW: Electoral college prepares to officially select Trump

..RedState: Pennsylvania electors getting police protection

…DaTechGuy: At this point, “voting your conscience” means electing Donald Trump

…American Mirror: David Axelrod warns elector defections would ‘rip country apart’

Department of Labor

Dobson shames Kasich for vetoing ‘heartbeat bill’

NY Times twists religion study to mock Christians as “less educated” than other religions

Frank Wolf International Religious Freedom Act passes both houses

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