It’s time for an intervention for the nation’s socialist left, Part I


This is a timely message to those on the nation’s Socialist left on what you need to do to once again become a viable political force. You and your comrades should not have to be reminded of the stunning defeat you suffered in the last election. Aside from the personality cult success of Obama, your party has been beaten like a rented mule the past few election cycles.

You could be forgiven in not seeing this taking place given the uniqueness of the Obama cult and the overwhelming advantages you hold in controlling most of the culture, media and governmental indoctrination system.

The fact is the only way you can claw your way back to becoming a viable political force will be by taking a sober assessment of the extreme flaws in your base ideology of Socialism as well as how the overwhelming advantages you enjoy have masked those flaws.

Overwhelming advantages

For the most part your side has enjoyed enormous advantages the past few years.  You control most of the culture, news and the rest of the media as well as the educational system.  Young children can grow up in your socialist echo chamber without ever hearing a discouraging word of its negative and evil effects.

Media control

There was a time when you held all the cards in this realm.   You had all three networks in your pocket as well as most of the major newspapers.  With technological advancement you’ve maintained this superiority with CNN, MSNBC and the plethora of online news sources.  Admittedly the right has been steadily increasing its influence in this space but this does not reconcile the enormous advantage you still hold.

One only has to look at recent events to prove this point. Take for example your media source Washington Post and its nostalgic look at the old Soviet Union with nary a mention that it was Socialist [Union of Soviet Socialist Republics to be exact] and that after 70 years it failed to be the “worker’s paradise” Lenin and the Bolsheviks promised it would be. It also failed to mention the millions dead from this “paradise” and barely mentioned the oppression for its state security apparatus.

In the past many of the nation’s Socialist media have taken what only could charitably be described as “gilding the lily.”  And yet the new buzzword of “fake news” is generally a condemnation of the right. The sheer irony of this appellation is quite extraordinary given that in it’s attempt to paper over Comrade Clinton’s myriad offences, and lies the nation’s Socialist media has become the biggest purveyor of “fake news.” And it’s most likely a “happy accident” that “fake news” looks and sounds a lot like Fox news…   but that’s merely a coincidence.. right?

Culture control

It’s not just that you control most of the news outlets. You also hold enormous sway over the rest of the media.

One only has to look at people’s perceptions of gun control or LGBT issues to realize how your media empire has distorted reality to your ultimate ends.  Polls show that people have incorrect perceptions of gun violence and that far more people are homosexual than is the reality.

One can presume that there will be a short delay as you fall upon your fainting couches being “triggered” by the truth…

It was said that one corporate entity had a “reality distortion field” around their products. Those two examples show that is the case with your control of the culture and the media. Being steeped in an echo chamber means you can exist in your “safe space” without having to suffer the ultimate indignity of hearing or be witness to a contrary opinion.

We on the right have the opposite circumstance in that our basic principles are regularly impugned and maligned with fact-free vehemence.  In our case we find it very difficult to stay in any sort of echo chamber.  Even listening to talk radio  provides no respite to hearing the opinions of the left given that most radio stations have news breaks at the top of the hour with a short segment of the leftist slant on current events.

But we aren’t the ones who rail against free-speech or contrary facts and opinions.

Governmental indoctrination (Education) system control

You don’t just have the media and culture at your beck and call but the nation’s education system as well.   Most people are forced to send their children to the local governmental indoctrination centers – ‘public schools’.  And they are forced to pay through the nose for the “privilege.”

Not only do you have this control over the indoctrination of  the nation’s children, but you also can use this as a cash cow to finance your party’s efforts via the teachers’ unions.

The performance of the lower grade schools are dreadful but what takes place in the higher indoctrination.. er ‘education’ centers are particularly egregious.   These are environs that pretend to protect free-speech by banning it from “safe spaces.”

Your indoctrination regime attempts to sell the children a bill of goods on everything wondrous about your base ideology without informing them that the immutable laws of human nature instruct those willing to listen that it cannot and has never worked.  Socialism’s non-functionality is only the beginning, since this requires governmental oppression to keep a lid on dissent with attendant deaths and imprisonment of millions.

On top of all of this you people have the audacity to charge incredible amounts for tuition and board to the point of highway robbery.  And to top it off, you want to force the people who actually pay taxes to finance this monstrosity as well.

This is Part I of a 3 part series. Here’s Part II.

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As an engineer by training and student of history by avocation, I've always been fascinated by the interaction of technological advances and the march of history. My love/hate relationship with differential equations has taught me that one can use the initial conditions of the present to extrapolate events in the near term balanced with the knowledge of the past. History can inform those willing to listen as to what will happen in the future because the laws of human natural are as immutable as the elegant equations of Newtonian physics. In many ways political struggles can be distilled down to a conflict between individual and collective rights. I tend to favour the former rather than the later. Therefore I view the common sense civil right of self defense as the last bulwark of liberty for a free people. Giving up that basic civil right is a mistake free people can only make once. Over the decades of my life I have noticed that collectivists tend to cloak their ideology under ever changing deceptive labels while they falsely perpetrate old failed and discredited ideas as new in the name of ‘progress’. The actions and agendas with regard to individual versus collective rights are vastly more indicative than the political labels taken on by some. For the sake of simplicity I could describe myself as a Conservative. But the phrase ‘classic liberal’ also applies…


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