Political ignorance and yesterday’s links

Federalism is always one of our favorite topics and there are a couple of great stories from earlier in the week that discuss it nicely. Also, we have dozens of other links in case you skipped a day.

How Mike Lee forced Mitch McConnell’s hand on repealing Obamacare

Trump should cut Pentagon waste and craft a new strategy

Gingrich says there will be no more talk of swamp draining

New Jersey lawmakers deny appeal to fix 2nd Amendment infringement

The NY Times’ fictitious image of gun carriers

Kansas governor not rethinking support for campus guns law

NY Times editorial calling to abolish the electoral college is historically inaccurate garbage

Lobbyist named head of Miss America Foundation board

Time for a principled approach to Iran

O’Reilly: Left wants ‘power taken away from the white establishment’

Wahlberg’s “Patriot Day” should stress civil liberties while celebrating heroism

Lena Dunham says she was only joking about wishing she’d had an abortion

With “Rogue One” Hollywood signals its political surrender… and prospers

Brian Molidor

Brian Molidor is Assistant Editor at The New Americana.

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