Obama’s betrayal and yesterday’s links

President Obama ended last week with a bang, betraying long-time ally Israel by having his UN Ambassador abstain from vetoing a measure at the United Nations against the Jewish State.

Is the Iran nuclear deal already being violated?

Law firm trolls indicted in nationwide copyright scheme

Stop lying about Keith Ellison’s 11 years with an antisemitic hate group

How Charlie Sykes helped turn Wisconsin red

Today's Excuse

Why the education establishment hates cursive

Gaffney: We need to make America’s nuclear deterrent great again

What drives the “lone wolves”?

With arctic drilling ban, Obama continues his historic abuse of power


Germany arrests two on terror charges

Hillary Clinton’s big donors want to know what really happened

Trump keeps trafficking in ambiguity on policy proposals

…TheWeek: Trump spokesman tries to clarify president-elect’s tweet about expanding U.S. nuclear capabilities

Brian Molidor

Brian Molidor is Assistant Editor at The New Americana.

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