John Kerry said what Barack Obama has been too afraid to say for eight years

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The bulk of the disgust and criticism regarding America’s stated stance on Israel has been directed towards Secretary of State John Kerry. Should it be?

There are three roles that cabinet members play for the President. First, they handle the day-to-day affairs in their department that don’t require the attention of the President. Second, they are the subject matter experts to advise the President about issues that pertain to their departments. Third, they are the delivery mechanism for the President’s agenda, particularly when it comes to major issues.

How America positions its relationship with Israel and the Middle East is a major issue, arguably the biggest issue that Secretaries of State have under their purview. This is why I’m not crazy about all of the attacks on Kerry over his speech against Israel today. It wasn’t his speech. He was simply the deliveryman of Barack Obama’s message. Every word that Kerry uttered was written or approved by Obama. Anything that Kerry wanted to say that Obama didn’t want him to say was not said.

That doesn’t mean that Kerry is guiltless, but it was not his message that got delivered today. He likely agreed with most if not all of it, but make no mistake: this was 100% Obama’s message. Kerry said what Obama has always been too frightened to say in front of the camera. He’s been in legacy-building mode from the moment he won the 2008 election. His abysmal foreign policy record would be seen in even dimmer light if he told the world what he really felt about Israel.

It reminds me the scene in the first Godfather when Vito Corleone tells Tom Hagen that it was Barzini, not Tattaglia who was the source of all of their recent troubles.

Skip ahead to 6 minutes, 11 seconds:

Barack Obama has repeatedly called for Israel to pull their settlements out of the West Bank. He has antagonized the Jewish nation while bending over backwards for their enemies. He has called for them to return to the indefensible 1967 borders. He has never had the guts to outright condemn the nation of Israel.

Today, he still doesn’t have the courage. He used Samantha Powers to deliver the abstention at the United Nations. This alone is not outside of protocol but he should have explained the action himself the moment it happened. He used Joe Biden and Kerry to lobby nations against Israel, which may also be within proper protocol but goes against 40 years of American policy. Now, he used Kerry to deliver his long-held perspective to the world.

Unfortunately, with 23 days left, there is much damage that he can still do.

Vito Corleone told Tom Hagen that “Tattaglia’s a pimp” and that “it was Barzini all along.” Now I’ll remind pundits who are attacking Kerry of a truth they already know: Kerry’s a pimp and attempts to weaken Israel before her enemies has been the goal of Obama all along.

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