Russia’s nonresponse and yesterday’s links

President Obama ejected 35 Russians. Vladimir Putin responded by doing essentially nothing. It goes to show that the lame duck President really isn’t worrying anyone anymore.

EPA to Alaskans in sub-zero temperatures: Stop burning wood to keep warm

…Moonbattery: Meanwhile, the EPA also wants to fundamentally change bread

A measure of how destructive Trump’s tariffs would be

How to make conservatism great again in 2017

Mike Lee: Obama’s land grab will not stand. I will fight it.

The need for renewed American leadership in the Asia-Pacific

Atlantic rebukes Democratic Party’s “religious illiteracy”

Iranian Revolutionary Guards spokesman: Settlements will spark war that will lead to Israel’s destruction

Another court blasts unconstitutional, race-based voting

Obama created the Syrian disaster, so it’s fitting he’s not there to end it

Rep. Duncan: Here’s why the Israeli border expansion complaints are BS

Utah vows to sue Obama over new monument

Sanctions and expulsions on Russia

Sanctions and expulsions on Russia

…Politico: Obama hints that the government may also conduct discreet responses out of the public eye

…DailyWire: It’s pretty lame

…RightScoop: Here’s the FBI and DHS report detailing investigation into Russian election hacking

…Examiner: Paul Ryan backs Russia sanctions as ‘appropriate way’ to end presidency

…TheBlaze: Trump responds

…RightScoop: Russia to retaliate

…Berman: What part of “lame duck” doesn’t Obama understand?

Brian Molidor

Brian Molidor is Assistant Editor at The New Americana.

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