Obama won’t leave and yesterday’s links

Barack Obama declared over the weekend that he isn’t planning on going out quietly. He will be participating in one fashion or another to influence government long after Trump is inaugurated.

Dems attack, demand Sessions drop out

The U.N. vs Israel

Liberal logic and the art of denying reality

90,000 Christians killed in 2016, one every six minutes

Senate Republican to offer resolution rebuking UN’s Israel vote

Report: US Government Ethics director approved controversial Trump tweets

Soros calls Trump a would-be dictator

Already piling on 2017

Narendra Modi’s year of living dangerously

The Times struggles with lessons from 2016 election debacle

2017 Resolutions: Hold GOP and Trump accountable! Save the Constitution!

Why we’ll never end abortion until we shrink the government

Lame Duck Agenda

DC cops livid over pic of cops portrayed as pigs, demand its removal

Trump tweets out praise for ‘very smart’ Putin (and pins it!)

How civil forfeiture turns cops into robbers

Obama, Dems will meet between two ferns to discuss how to save Obamacare

2016: The year liberal ideas failed

2016: The year liberal ideas failed

…The Democrats: Alone and defenseless in a cruel, cruel world

…HuffPo Editor: With the Democrats in ruins, you have to ask whether Obama was good for the party

…CSP: Can Obama leave with class, grace?

…DailyWire: 11 times Barack Obama had a horrible 2016

Kerry Scolds Israel

S. Korea leader bolsters military against rival Pyongyang

Taiwan president to visit US

Merkel admits Islamist terrorism is Germany’s biggest threat for 2017

Chief Justice releases year-end report

Trump says he wants to be ‘sure’ about Russian hacking

…RightScoop: Trump has figured out how to prevent hacking and it’s amazing

Omarosa: “Of course” I’m getting a White House role

Andrew Breitbart explains his epiphany on cultural Marxism

Just Go Away

Here’s how the liberty movement can rip big government a new one in 2017

Why Republican and Democratic “Establishment” leaders fear Federalism

Can we avoid Cold War 2.0? And is Trump the man to do it?

Krauthammer unleashes on Pres. Obama: He sees himself as a ‘god’

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Brian Molidor is Assistant Editor at The New Americana.

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