GOP hits the UN and yesterday’s links

After Barack Obama made one final (hopefully) swipe at Israel, the world watched and cheered. The GOP is not going after the United Nations, and while the world seems to be upset, conservatives and those of us who support Israel are cheering.

Response to Islamic truck attacks: Kill switches for trucks

This anti-populism cartoon misses the mark

Is the 1st Amendment at a crisis point?

Senators demand answers after undocumented immigrant deported 10 times is accused of raping teen

ISIS claims responsibility for Istanbul nightclub terrorist

ISIS claims responsibility for Istanbul nightclub terrorist

…CNBC: Statement claims nightclub selected because Christians celebrate there

…Telegraph: The stream of violence in Turkey shows President Erdogan is a control freak who can’t tame his own country

Erdogan’s policies continue to have deadly consequences

The many armies of Iraq: If ISIS goes, do they turn on each other?

Rouhani pledges to reverse slide of Iran’s currency

New UN leader pledges to promote peace

Report: Hezbollah rejects Moscow-Ancara-brokered Syria ceasefire deal over Turkish demand for withdrawal of all foreign fighters

Trump spokesman: Forget Russia, let’s punish Hillary

Donald Trump takes a dig at Chicago Mayor Rahm “Deadfish” Emanuel

Trump says “no computer is safe” and he’s totally right

Brian Molidor

Brian Molidor is Assistant Editor at The New Americana.

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