Still Obamacare and yesterday’s links

As most of you know, the term “yesterday’s links” is actually sort of a misnomer. These are the links that were listed as “recent” yesterday, which means most if not all are from two days ago. Just wanted you to know this because you’re probably wondering why the Chicago hate crime isn’t listed as the top of “yesterday’s links.” That will be tomorrow.

Textbooks used in U.N. West Bank schools erased Jewish history, featured maps without Israel

Republicans, apologize to Edward Snowden

Moving truck spotted outside White House

Pentagon should stop whining and start prioritizing

Ted Cruz introduces term limits amendment

The Federalist Party in 2017

Dear feminists: “Male vulnerability” is not a virtue

Yet another celebrity moonbat political video

What Assange told ABC News in 2010 contradicts his denial of Russian involvement

CNN host to those who want to stop Trump’s inauguration: ‘Get over it’

Watch a teary-eyed Megyn Kelly explain her departure from Fox News

Conservatives should applaud Megyn Kelly’s move to NBC but not for the reasons you think

Obama’s last-minute legacy-padding on foreign policy

Congressional Democrats’ first protest is too cute

Four reasons why Barack Obama will be the worst ex-President ever

Shapiro on Obama: “If you live by executive action, you die by executive action”

Brian Molidor

Brian Molidor is Assistant Editor at The New Americana.

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