Meryl Streep and yesterday’s links

From Hollywood queen to punchline, Meryl Streep turned off a whole lot of Americans with her unnecessary diatribe against Donald Trump at the Golden Globes.

Hollywood worries Trump’s election will spoil their big night

New Fox “comedy” – but we’re not laughing

On the “absurd” notion of a Hollywood liberal agenda

4 dead, a dozen wounded in Jerusalem terrorist truck attack

4 dead, 15 wounded in Jerusalem terrorist truck attack

…Times of Israel: After hitting people, the terrorist backed truck up to run over victims again

…TNA: Yes, the U.N. resolution likely influenced Jerusalem terrorist

…The Australian: Article posted just before the attack predicts that Resolution 2334 will cause terrorism in Israel and calls for withdrawal from U.N.

…RightScoop: Ted Cruz releases statement on terror attack in Jerusalem

Arkansas Rep. Micah Neal pleads guilty to bribery and kickback scheme involving evangelical college

The United Nations has broken all its promises to Israel

Meet the conservative trying to unseat Ohio Senator Sherrod Brown

Turkey’s lifestyle massacre

When “peace” means capitulation to Islam

Christians rescued from Middle East Muslim terror

Iran and Saudi Arabia’s newest battlefield: The economy

Liberal churches are dying as conservative churches thrive

Banning guns won’t save lives

Private prison industry sees boom times under Trump

Mark Levin explains the one ingredient missing from Trump’s plan to make America great again

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Obama ethics chief: Hey, those ethics rules we used for Obama were way too loose

Sanders’ weapon against GOP entitlement reform: Trump

Obama is using the Russians as an excuse to expand federal power over elections

Democrats now willing to tweak Obamacare as Senate moves toward repeal

Obama: I improved “race relations… are actually better now”

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Brian Molidor is Assistant Editor at The New Americana.

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