Lots of links and yesterday’s links

The last few days have just been loaded with things to do. Sorry for not updating the list sooner, but since it’s the weekend this will give you plenty to catch up on, particularly if you’re stuck in the house.

Obama begins new career… as a climate scientist

Warming journalist worries about the emotional toll of covering climate in age of Trump

150 mph+ winds, 8 feet snow, possible from next California storm

Trump skepticism of global warming hoax causes New York Times to jump the shark

BBC turning Jerusalem terrorist murderer’s family into the victims

The Guardian backs censorship to Milo Yiannopoulos’ book

Head of intel community: Only reason Obama is going after Russia is because Hillary lost

Snowden? Bergdahl? Obama set for “pardon frenzy” as he leaves office.

Nancy Pelosi suggests the public is cool to the idea of an Obamacare repeal

Liberals try to unhinge Trump’s cabinet

Bernie Sanders goes on tweetstorm to defend Planned Parenthood

Kreb’s immutable truths about data breaches

Thanks to AI, computers can now see your health problems

Attributing the DNC hacks to Russia

Retire “fake news” begs WaPo, because right-wingers are making us look bad

Official Palestinian news agency pays tribute to the child of a “martyr” terrorist

CBS hosts, NYT’s Kantor laud Obama’s “above the fray, unifying, nonpartisan tone”

Egypt: Islamist murders Christian for selling alcohol in Alexandria as attacks mount against believers

NFL player Ben Watson: “Abortion will not end until men stand up” for women and children

Sessions pledges to respect Roe v. Wade decision despite personal beliefs

Conservative Christians: Church, Bible, parents are dominant influences

Doctor witnesses two deliveries — one baby unwanted and killed, one wanted and saved

The continuing disaster of “gun-free zones”

How Trump is using Alinsky’s tactic playbook against the left

GOP abandons local control for top-down governance

Email Privacy Act reintroduced in Congress

Black professor calls for individual reparation accounts for whites

CR president doxxed, harassed by leftists at UW

Anti-Trump derangement in Los Angeles schools

Sponsored: Subscription Handgun Ammunition Delivered Monthly

Top 50 countries where persecution of Christians is strongest

Planned Parenthood baby parts vendor StemExpress drops lawsuit against David Daleiden

Syracuse campaign: File a report if you see “a sign that is color-coded pink for girls and blue for boys”

NRA: 8 Twitter account you need to follow in 2017

Pregnant Phoenix mom drives off home intruder with gun

Ferguson effect takes hold as officers stop pro-active policing, crime rates jump

Obama’s enabling of Palestinian terror

…Federalist: Thanks to Obama’s Presidency, ISIS is alive and well

Obamacare: Is it worse than what came before it?

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Brian Molidor is Assistant Editor at The New Americana.

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