Rand’s Obamacare replacement and yesterday’s links

Rand Paul has a plan to replace Obamacare. He’s been working with Donald Trump, allegedly, and now Trump is saying he will be unveiling a plan in the coming days. Is it the same plan? We’ll soon see.

How a Jeff Sessions Justice Department can change the course on crime

Guns are easy to get in California when you bypass the law

Baltimore police to tackle deep, systemic failures

Obamacare inches closer to death after midnight Senate session

Obamacare inches closer to death after midnight Senate session

…Examiner: First stage passed

It only takes 6 beers to show how land-grabbing Obama has screwed Americans

Trump veers from gloater-in-chief to martyr-elect

Far-left celebs: Enemies of the republic

Obama’s Phony War on ISIS

Senior residents regain right to hold Bible studies

How American charities fund terrorism

French ambassadors declare war on Israel

Pompeo’s mission? Make CIA ‘world’s premier espionage service’

Conservatives fear GOP may lose its nerve on Obamacare

A drought of sanity in California

Obama, Israel, and Palestine: It’s the ideology, stupid!

No, 4chan didn’t make BuzzFeed’s intelligence report

Joe Biden is no bipartisan role model

Obama’s strange pattern of concessions to Cuba’s communists

Our warmonger President and the lapdog press

Sick again

Hours after CSPAN’s feed was abruptly interrupted, MSNBC ‘short circuits’ while talking Russia

Obama authorizes major expansion of NSA surveillance

Outgoing FCC boss: Killing net neutrality under Trump ‘not a slam dunk’

Obama is the king of the world

Architect of the Capitol says ‘pig-cop’ painting violates House rules, will be removed

See where fencing has yet to be built along Mexico border

Sheriff Clarke: “People deserve the right to defend themselves”

Brian Molidor

Brian Molidor is Assistant Editor at The New Americana.

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