Insurance for everybody and yesterday’s links

Donald Trump doesn’t want anyone to die on the streets. He wants Obamacare gone, but he wants to replace it with something that will still give health insurance to all. This may not be possible to do without essentially revamping and renaming it Trumpcare.

Rand Paul: John Lewis is a “partisan Democrat” who should not be beyond criticism

Ted Cruz proposes bill to designate Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist organization

Stelter calls for media jihad against Trump

Why America needs to know what Tillerson things about refugees

Transfer of Power

Clinton Global Initiative is shutting down

Clinton Global Initiative is shutting down

…TheBlaze: Controversial Clinton Global Initiative closing its doors for good

…DailyWire: Shutdown follows allegations of corruption

The curse of not following Econ 101: flawed, deficient and misguided thinking about the minimum wage

Why franctional-reserve banking wold be limited in an unhampered market

The right way to bring business back across the border

Economic principles do not disappear as economic complexities arise

Making an executive order

Final days in office

Iowa proposes to add second amendment in state constitution

Texas lawmaker proposes bill to abolish abortion in state

States consider legislation to override court rulings

Montana bill would set foundation to reject federal gun control

Bill would make it legal for drivers in North Dakota to run over protesters “unintentionally”

Journalists group objects to proposed move of press corps out of White House West Wing

Journalists group objects to proposed move of press corps out of White House West Wing

…DailyWire: Journalists aren’t happy about it

…Berman: Mainstream media suffering butt-hurt

Iowa City Council to vote on immigration enforcement resolution

How Donald Trump and friends can crush the Great Crime Wave

NRA, gun owners gear up for controversial firearms legislation

Missouri likely to become next right-to-work state

Budget crisis steers legislative agenda in New Mexico

States focus on enforcing rising minimum wages

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Brian Molidor is Assistant Editor at The New Americana.

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