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Womens March against Trump

On January 21 there were Women’s Marches in several cities throughout the United States and Europe. The marches were in reaction to the election and inauguration of Donald Trump as President of the United States. The message of the marches is that President is a misogynist, a racist, a homophobe, a fascist, and for those of a Christian bent, the Antichrist or spawn of Satan.

While not being a Trumper, this writer doesn’t believe that President Trump is any of these things. He is a crude and rude businessman of the old sort; a scrapper and street-fighter of a certain age. He’s been through several wives and has promoted beauty contests, but that doesn’t make him a misogynist. If they did then half, or more, of liberal actors in the movie industry would be labelled as misogynists instead of champions of third wave feminism. President Trump has shown no signs of being a racist or a homophobe in his public life as a businessman. As far as being a fascist, those making the charge do not know the definition of the word. They do not know the history of the word. To them the word means, “unfair” to their interests.

And this is where we come to the root of the matter with the Women’s Marches. Hundreds of thousands of marchers, some wearing “pink pussy hats” or variations thereof, are saying that President Trump is unfair because he opposes abortion. And this is the matter. This is the real matter. President Trump, despite the claims of feminists, has never said that women should be in the kitchen, barefoot and pregnant. He’s never called for a national Stepford Wives program. He’s unfair because he thinks abortion is wrong.

This sense, or accusation of, unfairness is usually claimed by two groups of people — children and liberals. We’ve all experienced a child going into a screaming fit because his sister got a larger piece of a candy bar than did he because he thought it unfair. And we’ve seen liberals screaming “unfair!” because there are wealthy people and poor people and the reason is because the wealthy are gaming the system and putting a spoke in the wheel of the poor. And when told that life is often unfair both children will say that life should be fair and that if people were better life would be fair and that we’d all go to the seashore in the summer while living off ice cream and peppermints puppies would always remain puppies and we’d all have ponies.

Life is unfair. It is unfair because man is a sinful creature. Our chance at fairness was lost when our first parents were banished from the Garden of Eden because of the first sin.

Christians of the older sort know that man is not perfectable by man or man’s governance. Liberals, and liberal Christians, having not studied the Scriptures, seem to believe that sinful man can create a new man, a better man, a fair man. The liberal seems to think that through half baked legislation, bad philosophy and cracked science a new and better man can be created who will be all-wise and all-compassionate and all-powerful who will use his will to bend the wills of others to his wisdom (which is a form of fascism). It’s like expecting a dog to lay an egg and the egg hatching to reveal phoenix, fiery and glorious. It won’t happen.

Until liberals and leftists realize that man is a sinful creature, no matter how good an individual may appear with good works and compassion, and that at the root of all people there is a nugget of sin that cannot be pulled out by humans alone, they will chase mists while calling them angels of salvation. They will draw and use their swords to slay the imperfect. They will breed monsters in test tubes that are robotic biological replicants of humans. They will watch you and listen to you to make sure you never say “the ‘N’ word”, call a transsexual “he”, or not throw five bucks at the local panhandler. They will force you to be, by their definition, “fair” They will turn the parable of the Pharisee and the tax collector on its head not realizing that the tax collector was the better man because he realized that he was a sinner.

As good or as bad as President Trump may turn out as a leader of the United States, be prepared for the left to demand that you worship the lord of the flies.

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Dave Payton

I have been a a machinist in the aerospace/defense industry for over forty years. I have been married to the same wonderful woman for over forty years. I was a sailor in the U.S. Naval Reserve in the 1970s. I have little education beyond high school except trade school and an apprenticeship. I am a conservative Christian in both faith and practice. I'm am mostly interested in cultural issues as opposed to politics. And I like dogs and pigeons no matter the breed.

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  1. Dave, I was reading your BIO and really liking you until you got to the pigeons :).
    Excellent article – as Christians we don’t say this enough.

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