Lots happening before Trump inauguration and yesterday’s links

Donald Trump is now President of the United States. Here are the links of stories that led up to the inauguration. Yes, it took a few days to get them all together, and for that I apologize. Don’t worry. I’m not reverting back to my old ways. More regular updates coming.

Should judges defer to legislatures on the 1st Amendment?

Is tolerance a one-way street?

Abortion: More evil than slavery

America needs real men again

Iowa City Council to vote on immigration enforcement resolution

How Donald Trump and friends can crush the Great Crime Wave

NRA, gun owners gear up for controversial firearms legislation

Missouri likely to become next right-to-work state

Budget crisis steers legislative agenda in New Mexico

States focus on enforcing rising minimum wages

Daughter of Brown v. Board plaintiff explains why she supports charter schools

Professors and activists lay out vision for ‘resisting’ Trump at Georgetown ‘teach-in’ (VIDEO)

Claremont College’s intercollegiate media studies department mocks Netanyahu, promotes anti-Israel propaganda

Report: Schools are teaching kids to hate America under the guise of “civics”

Congressional report: Aborted baby with Down syndrome has brain sold for $325

Top divinity school: Use gender-neutral language to refer to God

Religious liberty group taps homeschool advocate as CEO

“Feminists” are freaking out that pro-lifers want to join the Women’s March

Revealed: The gender pay gap feminists don’t want to talk about

BAT reaches agreement to buy Reynolds for $49.4B

Obamacare: Washington’s scam of the century

Texas lawmakers look to overhaul ridesharing regulations

FYI, Arizona legislators: Banning “social justice” courses is not a pro-free speech move

Washington state bill would end support of warrantless federal spying programs

Betraying Israel

Jew-hatred dressed up as “justice”

The “peace conference”: An outright admission of failure

…Elder of Ziyon: List of participants of the farce in Paris

“Variety” features Moore, Dunham, Handler with American flag to protest Trump inauguration

Ex-SNL actor Rob Schneider lectures civil rights hero John Lewis about civil rights on Martin Luther King Jr. Day

‘Have you seen anything more pretentious?!’ – Greg Gutfeld obliterates anti-Trump celebs

The Hollywood elite attacking Trump get put in their place by Benghazi survivor

Here are the 11 celebrities going craziest over Trump

Nearly 1 million Christians reportedly martyred for their faith in last decade

Millennials, let’s revolutionize the way we view human life

Pro-abortion ordinance confuses even the police

Michelle Obama’s cult in the media

Donald Trump vs the media

…Beck: The media’s childish recommendations on how to report on Trump

Nate Silver: Blame the media, not pollsters, for polling’s loss of trust

Rick Santorum hired by CNN

What happens if Turkey passes Erdogan’s ‘power bill’?

Russia extends residence permit for Snowden

Obama lifts Sudan sanctions

Did Hamas and Fatah really agree to form a unity government?

Germany’s new propaganda bureau

Since Obama took office, debt has nearly doubled

Dollar drops on Trump comment

Walmart, GM, Amazon develop plans to create jobs in U.S.

GM announces $1 billion U.S. investment plan

President Obama just transferred another $500M to the U.N. green fund

U.N. climate treaty would cost $100T, produce no noticeable effect on the weather

Scott Pruitt provides an opportunity to rein in a rogue EPA

EPA pardons itself in the Animus River pollution case

Why NYT hid the numbers for the “hottest year on record”

Assange will not be extradited

Assange will not be extradited

…Assange Lawyer: Manning commutation doesn’t meet extradition offer’s conditions
…NR Editors: The injustice of commuting Manning’s sentence

…DailyCaller: Trump “is troubled” commutation

…DailyWire: 7 things you need to know about Bradley “Cheslea” Manning

…French: By commuting Bradley Manning’s sentence, Obama broke faith with the military

…DailySignal: Amid Republican criticism, Obama defends Chelsea Manning commutation

…CR: Obama’s decision to commute Manning proves liberals will always choose political gain over justice

…ArsTechnica: Assange weasels out of pledge to surrender if Manning received clemency

College president fired for allowing homeless student to sleep in library on record cold night

Federal judge orders DHS officials to not destroy email

Study shows Americans flock to states with less burdensome taxes

Turkey punishes Armenian MP for mentioning 1915 Armenian genocide

In final press conference Obama asks media to help us

In final press conference, Obama asks media to “help us”

…RedState: Obama tells press, “You are not supposed to be sycophants, you are supposed to be skeptics”

…Spectator: A mist of lies hung over Obama’s final press conference

…Examiner: Obama will speak up if “core values” threatened

…TheBlaze: In final press conference as president, Obama declares voter fraud to be ‘fake news’

What Trump wants from the international order

What Trump rollbacks of Obama policies should come first?

Trump’s Cabinet is the first in 30 years to not have a Hispanic member

Syrian migrant sues Facebook over fake news linking him to terrorism

Turkey and terrorists

ISIS burns mother and four children

Israel critics and haters engage in extreme mental gymnastics

From Islamic State to government control, Syrians left with few choices

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Brian Molidor is Assistant Editor at The New Americana.

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