Mexico’s President “does not believe in walls.” He needs to start believing.

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This is an installment of Rucker’s Briefs.

Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto rejected the notion of a wall between his country and the United States. Of course he does. Mexico has long turned a blind eye to border crossings due to the economic benefits that come to the country as a result of illegal immigration to the United States. If President Donald Trump has his way (and it appears very likely that he will following his executive order Wednesday), it’s time for President Nieto to get on board or risk making the situation even worse.

America has needed improved border security for decades. The southern border is undermanned and virtually unprotected at various points. Whether it’s illegal immigrants seeking to improve their living conditions or potential terrorists using the porous Mexican border to gain entry into the United States, the need to improve security has never been greater. For Nieto to attempt to thwart Trump’s efforts speaks volumes about his willingness to partner with their long-time ally.

There is no valid reason for America to keep its borders unprotected. Even the left has to appeal to emotional, illogical reasoning in order to justify their calls to keep the borders as open as they are. Nothing good comes across illegally, while the negatives have been thoroughly documented. What hasn’t been as well-documented are the potential threats that have crossed over. Are there terrorists in the United States today who came across the southern border? Common sense tells us there are.

If President Nieto is simply playing tough in order to score points with his people before accepting that the wall is going up, then so be it. Politics are politics. However, if he’s actively going to attempt to thwart America’s attempt to defend its sovereignty, the Mexican President may be making an enemy that he can’t afford to fight.

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