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Once again, I’m not even going to try to make an excuse for letting this linger for so long. I’m ashamed and I should be ridiculed by all of you who check out these links regularly. Attempting to get back into a daily practice, but it’s often challenging to compile all these. Of course, when the list gets this big, my job becomes harder. Catch-22. That’s life.

Obama was not the left’s Reagan (Ramesh Ponnuru – Tweet)

Thanks, Obama. 330 more sentences slashed (Neal Rothschild – Tweet)

Obama’s top 10 violations of the Constitution (Ilya Shapiro – Tweet)

This is why Van Jones is a putz (RightScoop – Tweet)

Turkey turns church into Museum. Greece builds new mosque. (Uzay Bulut – Tweet)

Jerusalem Mayor slams Obama’s surrender to radical Islam (James Barrett – Tweet)

5 territorial disputes to watch out for in 2017 (Barton Edgerton – Tweet)

Army chooses Sig Sauer P320 as next service pistol ( Bob Owens – Tweet)

North Korea’s inauguration day celebration includes a missile test (Susan Wright – Tweet)

11 conservatives lay out hopes for Trump’s administration (Rachel del Guidice – Tweet)

Rand Paul absolutely destroys Bernie Sanders (Brandon Morse – Tweet)

Trump’s grand entrance on global stage rattles nerves around world (Guy Taylor)

Vast majority of Americans want Obamacare repealed and replaced (Hank Berrien)

Tesla’s running. Shares are jumping. (Matthew DeBord – Tweet)

Netflix is soaring (Peter Cohan)

A baker’s dozen economic missteps (Don Bourdeaux)

12 things we saw at the Womens March
12 things we saw at the Women’s March on Washington DC

…Here are some of the most ridiculous signs captured at the Women’s March (Twitchy)

…Pro-life women were met with hostility and violence at the Women’s March (Cassy Fiano)

…This Tweet from one Women’s March organizer shows how nuts the left’s worldview is (Ben Shapiro)

…Women’s March on D.C. promo video exposes the ridiculous hypocrisy of their movement (Chris Enloe)

…Christian street evangelists met with anger, spat on at Women’s March on Washington (Samuel Smith)

…Women’s marchers say pro-lifers can’t be feminists (Amber Athey and Kassy Dillon)

…More than 50 Soros “partners” behind Women’s March (Fuzzy Slippers)

Putting lipstick on a traitor

Saturday Night Live’s worship of Obama goes into overdrive (Dave Blount)

HBO’s “The Young Pope” is a disgusting insult to Christians (Maria Jeffrey)

Michael Moore mansplains: Women trump supporters are “victims” of “ingrained misogyny and sexism” (Mark Finelstein)

Sig Sauer M17

The Army’s new $580M handgun: The Sig Sauer M17

Israel greenlights hundreds of new settlements following Trump inauguration: “No we can finally build” (Michael Qazvini)

Palestinian leadership launches ballistic tirades as US Embassy announcement nears (William A. Jacobson)

Trump invites Netanyahu to visit the United States in February (Sarah Westwood)

Erdogan seeks power to stay in office until 2029. Expect perpetual state of emergency. (MishTask)

Kellyanne Conway changes tune on Trump not releasing taxes (RightScoop)

Marco Rubio will vote to confirm Rex Tillerson (Joe Cunningham)

Challenge for GOP tax reform: Making the change (Joseph Lawler)

Trump targets 3 agencies with ambitious budget cuts (Thomas Pippen)

11 worst protest weekend moments so far

11 worst protest weekend moments so far

…Inauguration day marked by hundreds of arrests of violent rioters (Susan Wright)

…So much for tolerance (Katrina Trinko)

Obama’s inexcusable commutation (David Limbaugh – Tweet)

7 things you need to know about incoming RNC chair Ronna Romney McDaniel (Aaron Bandler)

Austin Petersen for Senate? (Eli Bowman – Tweet)

Yes, the Hansons make a beer called MmmHop (Brad Jackson – Tweet)

Melbourne car attack kills 3, injures 20. Terrorism is not suspected. (Steve Robson – Tweet)

Trump’s inauguration is not without precedent… from 192 years ago (Michael Barone – Tweet)

To the left, anyone who isn’t a liberal must be anti-intellectual (Jonah Goldberg – Tweet)

The epic fail that has been the Obama Presidency (Dan Spencer – Tweet)

President Trump praises CIA employees, promises more help to fight terrorism (Dave Boyer)

Mad Dog Mattis addresses the troops and it’s awesome

Here’s one thing conservatives must cease and desist immediately (Steve Deace)

DOJ: Anti-nepotism laws don’t apply to Kushner appointment (Sarah Westwood)

ISIS evidence be damned: Florida paper blames “Alaska gun culture” on Ft. Lauderdale airport terror (Jordan Schactel)

Trump won’t kill Obama’s executive amnesty (Hank Berrien)

Georgia police lieutenant puts life on the line to save suicidal man (Bob Owens)

Trump gives feds the “freeze” (Matthew Burke)

…”except for the military” (Jon Street)

New Obamacare replacement proposal leaves repeal up to states (Paige Winfield Cunningham)

Count warned employees to protect illegal aliens before Trump inauguration (Judicial Watch)

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Brian Molidor is Assistant Editor at The New Americana.

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