If they want to call me anti-abortion, so be it. I am.

March for Life Anti-Abortion

This is a topic I’ll cover in much more detail in the future, but here’s a quick take to throw in Rucker’s Briefs.

As March for Life sends a clear message to those in Washington DC and around the country that the pro-life movement is alive and well, the media has taken it upon themselves to paint the movement in as negative of a political light as possible. Major outlets, including CNN, have decided to deem this an “anti-abortion” movement rather than being pro-life.

Many of my fellow pro-lifers are taking offense to this. They say that labeling us as “anti-abortion” can have a negative connotation and compel others to not want to join the movement. I heartily disagree. Those who join the pro-life movement know the enemy. Aborting the life of a preborn infant is a practice that we’re trying to stop to varying degrees. If the media wants to paint us as being against abortion, I’m okay with that.

We’re not going to coax people over to our side. Either they see images of fetuses or hear their heartbeats and make a conscious decision that they do not believe this tiny person should be arbitrarily ended, or they don’t. This is not a political battle. It’s a cultural battle with political elements. The people who are dissuaded from joining us because of labels applied by liberal media are not the people who will make the difference.

Let them label us how they please. The “reproductive rights” narrative failed to bring more people to their side, so the “anti-abortion” narrative is their new attempt to push people away from our side. Regardless of their spin, the message is clear. Either people believe in life or they’re okay with snuffing it out. Propaganda is their tool. It shouldn’t be ours. We’re on the right side of history on this issue. It’s time we started acting like it.

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JD Rucker

JD Rucker is Editor of this site as well as Soshable, a Federalist Christian Blog. He is a Christian, a husband, a father, and co-founder of the Federalist Party. Find him on Twitter or Facebook.


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