Point made. Time for Trump to walk back his temporary ban already.

Muslim Ban

This is a hot take on the “Muslim ban” for Rucker’s Briefs.

Donald Trump’s executive order to ban entry into the United States from 7 countries will turn out to be a good move IF he walks it back very quickly. To do so, he must demand that Congress come up with a solution to vetting that suitably and quickly allows proper immigration and entry while safeguarding against the influx of potential radical Islamic terrorists into the country.

What would make things even better is if Congress worked into the measure the ability for states to be rewarded for allowing in refugees. That means that those who choose not to allow them are not forced to do so while those who accept them are rewarded in some way. Right now, states have very little influence over who is allowed to come in when the federal government decrees it. This isn’t just silly. It’s unconstitutional.

On Monday, Trump should address the nation and state that he will rescind his executive order as soon as Congress is able to adequately address the issue. Security is of the highest importance, but we cannot abandon our friends overseas. Moreover, we are creating a bigger issue by fueling jihadists with the propaganda material they can use to recruit more terrorists.

If the executive order turns out to last much longer than it should, this will be the first big blunder by the administration. If he uses it as incentive to make Congress act swiftly, it could be his best move yet. We won’t know until we see how long the executive order is allowed to stand.

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JD Rucker

JD Rucker is Editor of this site as well as Soshable, a Federalist Christian Blog. He is a Christian, a husband, a father, and co-founder of the Federalist Party. Find him on Twitter or Facebook.

  1. Wrong!! This is exactly what the Left wants; however, if President Trump begins walking back his comments and his executive orders, then there will be no stopping such . . . and the Left knows that. Whose side are you on, Rucker?

    1. As many conservative politicians are already saying, and based upon the fact that they’re already walking it back as predicted, it would seem I’m on the right side. Fighting illegal immigration and the influx of potential terrorists is far too important to address with flimsy executive orders. This needs to be the wake up call to Congress that substantial and permanent restrictions need to be put in place. Moreover, antagonizing opponents through executive fiat is what the left wants. It’s how they operate. It empowers their message which can be clearly seen in responses to his EO.

      Do we want FDR- and Obama-style government or do we want real solutions? Empowering fickle executive overreach on an issue this important is what liberals and their easily-manipulated GOP stooges want. Take your cues from conservatives, not populists who see action and think, “ooo, this is good.” We need real solutions to keep this country safe.

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