Women march to their own demise

Women march to their own demise

During the rise of Hitler, a man named George Soros fled to America to escape the horrors or Nazi Germany. Mr. Soros has gone on to become one of the most powerful and influential people in modern history. For this reason, it remains a great mystery as to why he has gone to fund every instance of division in America since the day he earned his first nickel.

This is seen in his funding and ties to over 50 “partners” of the Women’s March that swarmed like locusts upon the nation’s capital soon after President Donald J. Trump was sworn into office. While this may sound like a freedom of speech issue – which it is in part –  it is more deeply a matter of the left making it chic to support some of the most draconian and vile forms of Islamic sharia law extant today. This is seen a lot in the so-called woman’s right movement, most recently in the form of that movement supporting Hilary Clinton who was heavily funded by Saudi Arabia. The Saudi empire treats women in ways that it is not even legal to treat an animal in America, yet Clinton was the overwhelming choice of feminists in the U.S.

Now, women like Madonna who are openly talking about wanting to burn down the White House because their candidate lost, are supporting women like Linda Sarsour, a woman known for supporting sharia law and the organizer for the Women’s March. Sharia law allows women to be beaten, divorced with the utterance of three words, shunned, have their genitals mutilated for any number of offenses, and can be legally killed by most men depending upon the reason. Women in sharia may not speak in court and her testimony carries no weight if she is permitted to speak if, who she is speaking against is a man.

If that were not enough, Linda Sarsour meets with leaders of the terrorist organization Hamas, which has killed more innocent people than any group that has been birthed since its inception, not to mention her links to CAIR. This is who the women’s movement has tapped as a spokeswoman for the march against President Trump. Somehow, a few crude statements from a billionaire who’s married to a super model and who most of America knew likely had a wide sexual past, is comparable to the actions of beating a woman in the street to such a degree that sharia law is acceptable. Does this make any sense at all?

Why would any woman in the U.S. don an America flag, a symbol of liberty that Americans have died for to free women from sharia since Gulf War One, as a hijab? The women’s march stands for preventing any female from becoming an imam, leader of a mosque and any woman of the faith without a hijab to be discounted. In the Middle East, where men in Iran were taking pictures of themselves in hijabs to protest their women from being forced to wear it while in America, women are supporting people who would have them treated as slaves. This would be like a modern Jew coming out in support of the Nazi Party of America!

My appeal to all men and women who consider this march a triumph for Muslim women’s rights: from one Muslim woman to you, this is a trample on my liberty and a looming threat to America that is blind sighting many in a red-ribbon package of destruction.

This will not lead to sharia overnight in America any more than watching Liberace TV shows leading to gay marriage. It will come in steps, and from that point onward, sharia will cancer metastasize, taking over nations.

For women who think that it can never happen here, this is what Egypt thought when they worshiped Ra. This is what tribal Africa thought when they were slaughtered into being Islamic. The Christians in Iraq and Syria used to think that they were far from where it could ever happen, and it has. Women who refuse to heed the warning will soon be heeding a very dark master instead.

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Deeba Abedi

Dr. Abedi is the Founder of LADI and an Indian-American writer born in India to a Muslim family. She is a Muslim crusader countering Islamic extremism through her writings. She can be found at @drdeebabedi


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