Agree with the ban or not, this was unnecessarily sloppy

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You knew I’d have to post something about this in Rucker’s Briefs.

I agree with the idea that we need to heavily vet all who are entering the United States. I also agree with with a partial ban on refugees, though stopping terrorism is not the primary reason for doing so (we need a proper infrastructure controlled by each individual state to either accept or decline refugees, but that’s another topic). Certain countries should be addressed based upon the likelihood of problems arising from immigrants or refugees, though the list was woefully incomplete; Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Lebanon, and UAB were not on the list despite each having more known terrorists killing Americans than all of the banned countries combined.

So, the substance of the ban is questionable. What’s not up for debate is how it was rolled out. This was embarrassingly bad. To call it amateur would be giving it too much credit. They announced on Holocaust Remembrance Day, an event notorious for the last time people were killed after being denied as refugees by America. Staff at airports were confused and often misinformed. Known positive contributors from interpreters helping U.S. armed services to scientists invited for medical research were turned away. The administration’s legal department embarrassed itself by being unprepared. The optics were the worst to come from the White House since Benghazi.

Don’t worry. The flip-flops are coming.

It’s as if they were trying to blunder their way through this so the President can come out next week and say he’s in charge, so deal with it. Respected members of the House and Senate are speaking out… from the Republican side. I get it. Trump wants to keep his promises and that’s admirable, but keeping his promises doesn’t mean he has to fumble on the opening drive. Take a moment to do it right. Stop listening to Steve Bannon and lead this nation, President Trump. You’ve been given a tremendous opportunity and you’re already starting to blow it. Sad!

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