Trump’s extreme vetting and yesterday’s links

By the time you read this summary, you’ve already been immersed in plenty of stories about the “Muslim ban.” Here are the stories leading up to it that started it all before the weekend.

Will Trump’s CIA investigate itself? (TMH)

Congress should learn from Obama’s last-minute spending binge (Brett Schaefer)

Deadspin editor melts down after Cruz owns him (Patterico)

Four Senate Republicans want to make taxpayers pay for abortion (Christopher Jacobs)

Biola University President pens letter committing to protect illegal immigrants (Elliott Hamilton)

Campus watchdogs: Student protesters taking advantage of anti-Trump rage to attack Israel (Lea Speyer)

Abuse from Islamist teacher traumatizes New Jersey teens (Neil Stevens)

What DeVos should have said (John Stossel)

TPP was doomed to fail (Patrick M. Cronin)

Yazidi girls sold as sex slaves while Women March against Trump (Uzay Bulut)

Trump walks back promise to move embassy to Jerusalem (Michael Qazvani)

With nothing better to do, CA Democrat wants to require schools to teach that Russians stile 2016 election (Jennifer Van Laar)

Christian university to send students to mosque for ‘religious experience’ (Jennifer Kabbany)

Restoring campus free speech (Stanley Kurtz)

University of Central Florida social justice week features ball pit (Aleister)

Upcoming Senate votes put pressure on these 12 vulnerable Democrats (Fred Lucas)

In a “post-truth” era, Greenpeace lies to raise money (Amy Payne)

Women’s Marches denounced as political incorrect by transsexuals for equating womenhood with being a woman (Dave Blount)

The left’s vagina-based politics demeans women (Ben Shapiro)

How to “resist” Trump (Kevin D. Williamson)

Ryan lays out ambitious 200-day Congressional agenda (Lindsey McPherson)

McConnell’s low expectations frustrate House conservatives (Jonathan Swan and Caitlin Owens)

Why Mary Tyler Moore refused to join the feminist movement (Genevieve Wood)

Paul Ryan is just one of millions showing support for school choice (Paul Crookston)

Harvard Endowment will outsource most management, cut jobs (Michael McDonald)

Are education savings accounts the future of school choice? (Alexia Grace, Zach Weissmueller, and Mark McDaniel)

Instead of coddling, universities should let students grow up (Walter E. Williams)

Alarmed by Trump’s executive actions? Here’s what you need to know. (Robert Eno)

Conservatives, GOP committee chairs back away from bill allowing states that like Obamacare to keep Obamacare (Melissa Quinn)

Poll: Orrin Hatch is in serious trouble in Utah (Leon Wolf)

Bill denying U.S. aid to nations that won’t repatriate alien criminals could have saved woman (Judicial Watch)

GOP House votes to ban federal abortion funding… permanently (Aaron Bandler)

Is your favorite restaurant a “sanctuary restaurant”? (Debbie Schlussel)

Elon Musk might actually be serious about digging tunnels under Los Angeles (Nathan Bomey)

Pro-life Americans march with hope

Pro-life Americans march with hope

…People are noticing what isn’t happening at the March for Life today (Andrew Mark Miller)

…No profanity, smashed windows, burning cars, calls for revolution at #MarchForLife (Joe Newby)

…President Trump to March for Life: “You have my full support” (Matthew Burke)

…”Life is winning”: Mike Pence celebrates true American progress in March for Life address (Carly Hoilman)

…Words matter: The media’s use of “anti-abortion” to describe the March for Life is willful deception (Carly Hoilman)

…If they want to call me anti-abortion, so be it. I am. (JD Rucker)

…Planned Parenthood lashes out at “March of Lies” in Twitter screed (Mickey White)

…7 things you need to know about the March for Life (Aaron Bandler)

…Mia Love gives one of the greatest pro-life speeches ever at March for Life (Matthew Burke)

…Pro-lifers celebrate a new day for their cause during the March for Life (Kate Scanlon)

Chop it down

Can Trump bell the progressive cat? (Bruce Thornton)

Y’all know who ultimately pays those tariffs, right? (Joe Cunningham)

Are Republicans changing their policy views to fall behind Trump? (Patterico)

Trump border wall: Funded by taxes on Americans, not Mexico (David Leach)

Energy efficiency mandates are worse for poor Americans than energy taxes (Ronald Bailey)

Trump will defer to Defense Secretary Mattis on torture (Kaitlyn Schallhorn)

Don’t forget: We are the checks and balances on Trump’s executive actions (Logan Albright)

Is America’s lost decade (plus) of growth about to end? (James Pethokoukis)

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