I have always supported a temporary travel ban. Just not this one.


When Donald Trump pushed last year for a full Muslim ban, I wrote a piece that both Ted Cruz’s and Rand Paul’s proposed temporary travel bans from certain terrorist-laden countries made much more sense. I stand by this, but Trump’s ban is an ineffective variation of the concept.

Rather than spell it all out in detail, I’ll keep it short with bullets. Either you understand them or you don’t. If they require elaboration, I recommend reading the text itself (don’t worry, it’s short) and then come back to these bullets.

  • The roll out was amateur and sloppy.
  • Saudi Arabia and other countries whose immigrants have actually killed Americans in terrorist acts on U.S. soil are not on the list because our relationships with them are too important. This is weak and I challenge any supporter of Trump’s ban to make an argument that doesn’t include “he didn’t want to hurt the feelings of countries we need for economic reasons.”
  • The good guys should be quickly and easily identified. Guess what. If an Iraqi helped American soldiers during the wars and put his life in danger for the sake of helping us complete our missions, he shouldn’t be sent back. Green card holders should have been vetted already, but if they weren’t, expedite it.
  • Where’s the mandate for permanent extreme vetting? The order should have requested rapid Congressional action to empower and fund a level of vetting that would prevent potential terrorists from entering.
  • Why is everyone IN the administration so completely unprepared? This is different from bullet #1 about being amateur and sloppy. You can be amateur and sloppy and at least be prepared to explain the situation without having to backtrack less than 48-hours later. You can be amateur and sloppy and have a plan in place for complications such as the obvious move made today by acting AG Sally Yates instead of having to quickly replace her after she tells the DoJ not to defend the EO.  You can be amateur and sloppy and have a PR plan for the protests and backlash that were definitely going to happen.

I’ve had a lot of hate mail and social media complaints about my stance that this travel ban was poorly planned and executed. Hopefully, more conservatives and Federalists will realize that I’m not against the intention; securing the nation is a complex endeavor that requires profound actions. However, there are so many holes that one might think this was a brand new idea instead of one that Trump has been proposing for over a year. His people have allegedly been planning this since he won the election. If you’re going to hold amateur night, don’t do it in regards to national security.

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JD Rucker

JD Rucker is Editor of this site as well as Soshable, a Federalist Christian Blog. He is a Christian, a husband, a father, and co-founder of the Federalist Party. Find him on Twitter or Facebook.

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