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Info Wars

Trump liberal critics are crazy

Refugee madness: Trump is wrong, but his liberal critics are crazy

…Mobs of anti-Trump protesters storm JFK Airport over refugee policy (Mickey White)

…Dozens show support for refugees at Denver airport (AP)

…Protest breaks out at JFK airport after refugees detained due to Trump’s immigration ban (Sarah Lee)

Trump refugee order balances security and compassion

Trump refugee order balances security and compassion

…Trump’s exclusion of aliens from specific countries is legal (Andrew C. McCarthy)

…Trump’s executive order on refugees returns some sanity to an insane Obama program (Streiff)

…Trump says refugee crackdown ‘not a Muslim ban’ (AP)

…Two Christian Syrian families detained at Philadelphia, sent back to Middle East (SooperMexican)

…The two words Trump must use on immigration (Eric Dixon)

…Iran to ban U.S. citizens from entering their country following Trump’s executive order (Chris Enloe)

…Smoking out Islamists via extreme vetting (Daniel Pipes)

…Trump immigration ban applies to dual citizenship (Joel Gehrke)

…Researchers heading to jobs in Boston blocked entry to US (AP)

…Is the Trump executive order on refugees Constitutional? (Jonathan Turley)

…Rep. Justin Amash: “Not lawful to ban immigrants on basis of nationality” (Rare)

…Point made. Time for Trump to walk back his temporary ban already. (JD Rucker)

What is the Cassidy-Collins Obamacare replacement plan? (Todd Campbell)

The real changes in health insurance enrollment under the Affordable Care Act (Edmund F. Haislmaier)

First healthcare repeal deadline missed by Congress (Paul M. Krawzak)

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