Regarding the nomination of Judge Gorsuch

Regarding the nomination of Judge Gorsuch

The left has succeeded in positioning their “living Constitution” theory –  which holds that the meaning of Constitutional text is “fluid” (and therefore useless) – as a valid “theory of law.”

Amazing, when you think about it…

The “living Constitution” theory is a  “legal philosophy” which states that we cannot hold our government to any HARD-STOP limits because the text of the Constitution on which we’d rely to do that has NO definitive meaning.

The INTENT of the MAKERS – the expressed, implied or discernible intent of the parties ENTERING INTO A CONTRACT is the only valid interpretation of any contract in dispute.

The reason for that is clear:  At some point in time, these parties were in agreement – hence, the contract presently in dispute.  The meanings of the text on which those parties AGREED at the time they agreed on them MUST govern the process of adjudicating a present dispute if any party is to be held to any contract at all.

The alternative would clearly be a mess were it applied to civil cases.  It would make it nearly impossible to hold anyone to a contractual obligation.

Applied to Constitutional questions, the effect has been the same:  It prevents the people from holding their government to any solid, hard-stop limits.  And that’s the real INTENT of the “living Constitution theory.”

In nominating Judge Neil Gorsuch, President Trump has nominated a jurist who recognizes the INTENT of the CONSTITUTION’S MAKERS (that includes not only the framers but all who ratified it – the STATES) as the valid interpretation of this all-important contract.

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  1. Beware of Gorsuch– I have a bad feeling he is another John Roberts. Something doesnt sit right with me about him. Plus, Ive read there are some pro abortion insiders who are far to comfortable with Gorsuch. Then there is the issue of his SJW church.

    Just be prepared for the football to be yanked away, once again.

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