Milo at Berkeley and yesterday’s links

Judge stops instant deportations from executive order

Judge stops instant deportations from executive order

…Federal Judge just issued a stay on Trump’s new executive order on immigration (RightScoop)

…8 things you need to know about Trump’s executive order on refugees, immigration (Ben Shapiro)

DC surveillance state smacked by hackers (Andrew West)

Montana AG: Missoula gun control unenforceable (Dean Weingarten)

Ex-cop: it’s “bizarre” if we can’t explain to public what our snooping gear does (Cyrus Farivar)

More schools in California allowing licensed carry on campus (John Boch)

Flashback: When the Clintons cared about the country (S. Noble)

Hillary Clinton breaks her silence to comment on Trump’s immigration order (Chris Enloe)

An open letter to Nancy Pelosi (John Velisek)

Tapper calls out de Blasio over immigrant drunk driver comment (Virginia Kruta)

In other disturbing news

Students say border wall is racist (Amber Athey)

University of Arkansas suspends health plan coverage of “gender transition” (Aleister)

Temple University chapter of notoriously anti-Israel group pays tribute to late founder of deadly Palestinian terrorist organization (Lea Speyer)

Leahy to oppose Sessions’ AG nomination (Kelly Cohen)

Rep. Keith Ellison attempts to link Donald Trump to Quebec mosque shooting (Jay Caruso)

Schumer to oppose 5 more of Trump’s Cabinet picks (Al Weaver)

Senate Democrats will filibuster President Trump’s Supreme Court nominee no matter who it is (Steven Ertelt)

Democrats blast Trump’s immigration order on the House floor (Nicole Duran)

Not welcome

Here’s a primer on pro-life responses to common counter-arguments (Daniel Payne)

Czech aid worker, Sudanese pastor and Darfur Christian sentenced to prison in Sudan (ChristianHeadlines)

ACLU sees absolutely insane spike in online donations after Trump’s temporary travel ban (Jim Jamitis)

VP Pence invites pro-life leaders to the White House. Obama had abortion activists. (Micaiah Bilger)

Sources identify 2 suspects in Quebec City mosque attack as Alexandre Bissonnette and Mohamed Khadir (CBC News Alerts)

A tale of two cities: New York and Chicago (Robert Zapesochny)

In the aftermath of chaos at airports around the country, Trump blames Delta for protests (Rare)

Trump adviser Michael Flynn’s son, PizzaGate promoter, deletes Twitter account after praising “Muslim ban” (Andrew Stiles)

Wanna find a liberal news site? Google “Muslim Ban.” (Joseph Curl)

Fake news watch: WaPo calls for more bias and opinion (Neil Stevens)

Matt Drudge: ‘Despicable’ Congress making Trump ‘do everything alone’ (Eddie Scarry)

BuzzFeed’s thought-policing of corporations just another attack of American thought-freedom (Ben Shapiro)

Senator Chris Murphy wants “no screening” for immigrants, more for gun owners (John Boch)

Report: Clinton mostly blames Obama for her loss (Tré Goins-Phillips)

Weiner in a pickle: Federal child porn charges may be forthcoming (Susan Wright)

Democrat Congresswoman encourages mob to vandalize wall (Dave Blount)

Firm launching IPO hid Clinton IRS probe from potential investors (Richard Pollock)

Democrats may be backing off threat to filibuster any Trump Supreme Court nominee (Patterico)

Pelosi staffer circulates bogus ‘hot mic’ tape starring Paul Ryan (T. Becket Adams)

Trump’s immigration action his first stumble with GOP (W. James Antle III)

Check out what Ted Cruz and Mike Lee have to say about Trump’s monumental SCOTUS pick (ConservativeReview)

Former House Freedom Caucus chairman on Obamacare: “Let’s repeal it as quickly as we can”

Poll: 49 percent support Trump’s immigration ban, 41 percent oppose (Anna Giaritelli)

Limbaugh: “Islam creates terrorism” (Robert Kraychik)

Good shoot? Man yelling about ISIS killed by Washington police (Bob Owens)

State Department: Russia trying to take another Ukrainian city (Joel Gehrke)

State of irrelevance (Peter Van Buren)

Wealth isn’t just measured in money. It’s measured in choices. (Jonathan Newman)

Trump pressured to throw the book at Iran over missile test (Sarah Westwood)

Sanders, Cruz to face off in debate over future of ObamaCare (Jennifer Calfas)

Trump is taking the Bannon way (Jonah Goldberg)

The left is holding itself to a lower standard of behavior (Walter E. Williams)

GOP grapples with potential executive overreach — by a Republican (Nicole Duran)

Ted Cruz reportedly says nuclear option is on table in Supreme Court pick (FoxNews)

Warmists very upset that judge says “climate change” is a matter of debate (Pirate’s Cove)

Infographic: How solar panels work (Michio Hasai)

Still far more worrisome than global warming: solar coronal mass ejections (Anthony Watts)

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