The heart of America is a culture of liberty

Culture of Liberty

America, as described by Alexis de Tocqueville in his 1835 classic Democracy in America, possessed a culture of liberty.  It consisted of cultivated virtues, including faith, honesty, industriousness, self-reliance and goodwill toward others.

Citizens at every socioeconomic stage shared a working understanding of their Constitutional Republic.  Moreover, they shared an understanding that liberty is possible only by strength of cultivated virtue.  Inculcated purposefully over many generations, it was this common-ground culture of liberty that made the “technology” of liberty possible.

Only by restoring and maintaining that culture will liberty be sustainable.

Interests aligned in pursuit of America’s “fundamental transformation” have long sought to remake this country in the image of failed or failing socialist states.  The efforts in pursuit of that goal could not have been restricted to the political realm.  In fact, had the political effort not followed generations of purposeful and systematic degradation of the American culture, it would have been summarily rejected.

The “fundamental transformation” had to start by undermining the fundamentals: our culture of liberty.

The growth of government dependency, civil unrest, failing cities and widespread ignorance about our Constitutional Republic all speak to the “success” of the “fundamental transformation.”  It feeds on the breakdown of virtue, the discouragement of industriousness, disincentive of self-reliance and distrust of our fellows in society.

We cannot hope to restore a liberty-centered government without restoring a culture which promotes the virtues that make liberty possible. Let’s restore the common-ground understandings which have united previous generations of Americans. Restoring common-ground truth is the cultural long-game we must win if we’re to restore and defend a culture of liberty at the heart of America.

We can start by calling out the self-serving lies at the heart of the cultural degradation.

Lie #1 Relativism:  Applied by the left to everything, relativism denies that any objective, transcendent reality exists – especially transcendent morality. This accomplishes several goals of the leftist, which:

  • Ensures the continued success of a “divide and conquer” strategy by removing ever more from our shared reality.
  • Refuses to discern right from wrong by refusing to acknowledge shared moral sensibilities – especially those informed by Judeo-Christian teachings.
  • Implies that only the intellectual elite are capable of discerning the moral high-ground – concentrating the power of influence (and then of law) into fewer hands.

The “living document” view of our Constitution is perhaps the most dangerous application of relativism.  “…shall not be infringed” comes to mean “can be so freighted with byzantine regulation as to make its exercise impossible in many areas of the country.”

Lie #2 – “Diversity is our Strength!” Say those who call themselves “progressives.”

Only unity provides strength. Only if we’re unified in common cause does the variety of approaches, ideas, experiences (and the backgrounds which produce variety) become an asset.

Diversity alone is nothing but differences.

Leftists’ “divide and conquer” strategy is facilitated by a near-religious focus on differences because that’s what enables them to pander to the various “communities” into which they’re constantly dividing society.

The long-game approach to restoring our Constitutional Republic is not political, but cultural.  And given the schools, mainstream media and most of the entertainment which propagates culture is controlled by people subscribed to leftist attitudes, it’s going to fall to us as individual citizens to promote the bedrock principles on which America was built, such as:

  • Humanity is set apart by the Creator for the sacred gift of consciousness, intrinsic to which is liberty.
  • Respect for the individual human being; for the dignity and divine providence of human liberty is the defining doctrine of our society.
  • There is no room for collectivist, “greater good as defined by elites” in a society that professes the equality of ALL people under law.

These are the central teachings on which respect for everything, from human life to liberty and economic freedom, is based.  Absent this foundation, we fight a thousand simultaneous battles while a culture of liberty dies of a thousand cuts.

The greatest danger we face today is “acceptance by default” of the degrading yet seductive view of humanity offered by today’s leftists: humanity is nothing more than a freakishly overgrown animal species; you cannot be asked to transcend your physical or emotional impulses; and the only goal is to live a life of endless gratified desire.

We have won only a temporary reprieve from the leftward march if we fail to leverage the opportunity to bolster our foundation.  That foundation is our culture’s general subscription to the bedrock principles upholding human dignity and liberty on which America is founded.  Only with that foundation intact can we hope to safeguard the Rule Of Law, the Natural Rights of Man and the duty of all people to protect the most vulnerable.

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  1. You are correct in connecting our decline as a society to the erosion of those moral values that used to be held in common among us. Unfortunately, history has few examples of societies where that trend was reversed. The only thing that can do it is a widespread religious revival, and I see no signs of that coming anywhere on the horizon.

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