Things that happened before the Super Bowl and yesterday’s links

Most of America is going to be talking about the tremendous Super Bowl we just witnessed and rightfully so. It was pretty darn cool. There were things that happened over the weekend and just before that also happened. These are links to those things.

New York Times CEO: ‘We’re not losing touch’ (Eddie Scarry)

This CNN anchor’s outrageous comments about our constitutional rights are a snapshot of liberal ignorance (Chris Pandolfo)

Media falls for ‘fake news’ story blaming Trump ban for Iraqi mother’s death (Carlos Garcia)

House moves forward to dismantle regulations (Streiff)

Senate passes bill to boost conflict-of-interest penalties (AP)

Trump lashes out at ‘dumb’ refugee resettlement agreement with Australia (Caitlin Yilek)

Here’s just another indicator that Gorsuch is awesome (Elliott Hamilton)

The Fed does nothing (C. Jay Engel)

Why the left will never stop despairing over Trump (Peter Burfeind)

Senate Republicans change rules, unanimously approve Trump nominees without Democrats (Tré Goins-Phillips)

Little heard in public, Bannon is quiet power in Oval Office (Nancy Benac and Jill Colvin)

Flynn: Iran is “on notice” (Michael Qazvini)

Trump names first female CIA deputy director (Anna Giartelli)

Will GOP keep its promise to defund Planned Parenthood? (Genevieve Wood)

…House members are ready to defund Planned Parenthood. Will the Senate join them? (Maria Jeffrey)

If you want to fight Trump, you can't be worse than Trump

If you want to fight Trump, you can’t be worse than Trump

…If we can’t unite against rioting, we can’t unite at all (David French)

…Berkeley Mayor Jess Arreguin still trying to un-fan the flames by backpedaling frantically (Twitchy)

…Both the UC Berkeley anarchists and Milo Yiannopoulos are despicable, but I stand with one (Glenn Beck)

…Americans should not subsidize campus lawlessness (Mary Clare Reim)

…Berkeley, home of the free speech movement, violently rejects free speech (Dave Blount)

…Sometimes Trump needs to let a story be the story. Take Berkeley, for example. (JD Rucker)

Trump warns Israel: Stop announcing new settlements

Trump warns Israel: Stop announcing new settlements

…The GOP eschewed mentioning a two-state solution in its platform over the summer (Hank Berrien)

…Up until this announcement from the administration, Israel has received mixed signals from Trump (Susan Wright)

…Levin: Trump admin has now adopted Obama’s position on Israeli settlements (RightScoop)

…Trump has a meeting planned with Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu for Feb. 15 (Carlos Garcia)

…The promise, hope, and unease surrounding Trump’s first statement on Israel (Jordan Schachtel)

Not cooperating with climate alarm: Marine ecosystems show resilience to climate disturbance (Anthony Watts)

Bias in climate science (Patrick J. Michaels)

With no other problems pending, Sweden looks to bring in climate law (Pirate’s Cove)

From “repeal” to “repeal and replace” to “repair” (Dave Blount)

So would the GOP border adjustment really be a big tax on consumers? (James Pethokoukis)

Texas Governor declares war on sanctuary cities, might remove sheriffs who refuse to comply (Matt Vespa)

Fake news alert: No, Trump did not just ease sanctions on Russia (Twitchy)

Trump effect: Samsung may build U.S. factory (Christopher Matthews)

Al Qaeda chief: Use of female guard denies him justice, violates his Muslim rights (Judicial Watch)

Thanks for Gorsuch, Mr. President, but a bigger thank you to conservatives who pressured Trump (Ben Shapiro)

Military sources try to blame Trump for botched Yemen raid that left one Navy SEAL dead (Allahpundit)

The 3 biggest factors in mainstream media’s demise during the Trump era (JD Rucker)

Soldier shoots machete-wielding man who shouted ‘Allahu Akbar’ at the Louvre (Yaron Steinbuch)

Report: Secret Service managers fired, escorted from White House grounds (Joe Newby)

House rules committee hearings to flirt with earmarks (Lindsey McPherson)

With Trump win, states push more 2nd Amendment rights (Pirate’s Cove)

To ‘drain the swamp,’ Trump should look to states’ civil service reform (Inez Feltscher Stepman)

West Virginia commission OK’s blind trust (AP)

Arkansas House passes bill to allow campus carry (BearingArms)

California high court gives regulators vast new powers (Steven Greenhut)

Muslim gang shout “allahu akbar” after being jailed in UK court for child sex abuse (Miles Goslett)

Flogging and eye-gouging are among Iran’s medieval punishments for “morality” violations (Heshmat Alavi)

Senate report compares Israeli, US-Mexico barriers (Ron Kampeas)

The History of the Democratic Party

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