The dastardly Seattle judge and yesterday’s links

When liberals attack, they’re most effective when they do it from the bench. With no other real recourse against Trump’s travel ban, they turned to a liberal Bush-appointed judge in Seattle to take the executive action down. Now, we’re waiting to see what all comes from it.

On judicial nominees, pro-lifers can’t afford to take chances (Calvin Freitburger)

New rule: Women’s March organizer doesn’t want to be judged on what she said years ago (Twitchy)

Little Sisters of the Poor respond to draft of Trump’s religious freedom executive order (Kelsey Harkness)

Why Chicago’s crime problem is growing (John R. Lott, Jr.)

These sanctuary city crybabies are actually willing to lose federal funding in order to “protect” illegals (Carly Hoilman)

Blasting Legos with a 500 Magnum (Bob Owens)

Pro-life leadership from the White House can change the course of history. Reagan did it, and so can Trump. (Jen Kuznicki)

Idaho governor says persecuted Christians deserve refugee priority (AP)

No, the pro-abortion movement should not call themselves ‘pro-life’ (Rebecca Downs)

Families sue NYC for reporting them to child services when they homeschool (Alexandra Hudson)

Failed common core tests punish students (Wendy Lecker)

College socialists: We need more violence against Trump and his supporters to be effective (Micah Fleck)

Good choice

Brian Molidor

Brian Molidor is Assistant Editor at The New Americana.

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