Are we prepared to do what Germany is just now discovering was a bad idea?

Welcome to Germany

When the next terrorist strike happens, Americans will wring their hands and scream, “why wasn’t more done to prevent this?”

This administration was given a list of the mid-eastern countries in the greatest turmoil – countries exhibiting ALL the markers for danger:

  • UNGOVERNED spaces in which terrorists operate with impunity
  • ABJECT poverty
  • JOBLESSNESS of the chronic variety
  • ZERO INDUSTRY outside the terrorist-controlled organizations
  • GOVERNMMENT’S either substantially impeded or displaced by the activities of identified-terrorist groups

The refugees coming from these places will be virtually unemployable for the foreseeable future – many of whom will be severely traumatized. If you think we’re prepared to rehabilitate and assimilate hundreds of thousands of shell-shocked people (in many cases whose religion forbids their assimilation into Western society) you are kidding yourself.

And it’s a dangerous game.

These people aren’t abstractions – they are real. They need the real solutions that can only emerge from their own efforts within their own homelands.

The disastrous impact of Leftists’ zeal to make government pets of these people is also real. That is on display in Germany and Sweden right now.

We’ve just allowed an appellate court to demand that we permit unfettered inbound travel from the 7 least governed countries in the world; countries with teeming and poverty-stricken populations beset by decades of turmoil and infiltrated by murderous jihadi. These conditions are not in dispute. Nor is the Executive’s Constitutional and Statutory authority to respond to them. The ruling issued by the 9th Circuit which upheld the lower court’s stay on the executive order PAUSING in-bound travel from these areas failed to even mention, never-mind reconcile with these laws.

Are we prepared to do what Germany and other European countries are just now discovering was a bad idea?

Or are we finally ready to recognize that we have a rare jewel here in America and to begin caring for it as such?

America’s contribution to the advancement of humanity is the PROOF her existence offers that LIBERTY begets PROSPERITY and HUMAN THRIVING.

That’s IT. The revolutionary insight of our founders; now affirmed by a thriving and prosperous nation founded on HUMAN LIBERTY offers the greatest advance to the human condition ever conceived by the mind of man.

And we only offer it by SURVIVING.

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  1. Saudi Arabia should be doing its “fair share” of accepting the brunt of this refugee flood as they have ample room and many empty tent cities in place already. Logistically and culturally speaking, this should be a no-brainer.

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