DeVos squeaks by and yesterday’s links

It took the Vice President acting as President of the Senate to cast the tie-breaking vote to confirm Betsy DeVos as Education Secretary, but a confirmation is a confirmation. Now, let’s see if she can bring school choice to the table and hopefully lead towards abolition of her own department.

106 sanctuary cities cost federal taxpayers $27B each year (S. Noble)

Man charged with murdering Denver private security officer is a “radical Muslim” (Ian Miles Cheong)

Infamous Casey Anthony comes out to protest Trump in Fla., so how was she treated by her liberal pals? (Carmine Sabia)

Anti-Trump protesters block ambulance rushing to hospital (Kathryn Blackhurst)

Long arms

Hamas reportedly rejects prisoner swap deal offered by Israel (JPost)

The West’s real bigotry: Rejecting persecuted Christians (Uzay Bulut)

The struggle for freedom continues in Cuba (Mario T. de la Pena)

Cleric: Killing Kurds who convert to Zoroastrianism is “legitimate” (Darren Smith)

In which Mitch McConnell shows (slightly) more cojones than Donald Trump (Patterico)

Trump’s best asset may be his unhinged opponents (John Fund)

Why do Ryan/McConnell oppose a “religious test”? (Robert Kraychik)

Representative Jason Lewis schools liberal CNN panel on failed Obamacare (Matthew Burke)

Rogue federal bureaucrats threaten Trump agenda (Fred Lucas)

Executive orders

Barbara Lee: We’re looking for a “legal mechanism” to remove Steve Bannon (Mark Finkelstein)

Conservatives pressure 12 Democrats on Supreme Court pick (Caleb Ecarma)

The Obama administration was making up student loan repayment data (Streiff)

Leftist selective outrage over Putin and Russia (Mary Chastain)

Democrats will change message, not policies, says Nancy Pelosi (SooperMexican)

Abortion continues to kill babies (Billy Wetterer)

Small Mississippi town fights back after mayor forced to remove Christian flag (Chris Enloe)

Hawaii legislators introduce bills targeting pro-life pregnancy centers (Jay Hobbs)

Abortion and the banality of evil (Richard Kirk)

American Graffiti

Toyota, Suzuki to work together in green, safety technology (Yuri Kageyama)

Trump, EPA nominee differ on renewable fuel program (Ben Wolfgang)

End climate propaganda (Viv Forbes)

Is the feeding trough empty at the University of California? (James Longstreet)

Lawmaker pushes for Java and Basic to replace Spanish and French (Anna Giaritelli)

College responds to Trump’s order with refugee scholarship (Philip Marcelo)

The seditious left: Prosecute the Berkeley rioters by enforcing federal law (Matthew Vadum)

Trump and the press

Israel belongs on the UN Security Council

Israel belongs on the UN Security Council

…Stop the Jew shaming (Nachama Soloveichik)

…Trump adopts Obama’s policy towards Israel (David Leach)

Post Trump Stress Disorder

The choices Palestinians make (Dexter Van Zile)

Why does Iran threaten Israel if the US “makes a mistake”? (Elder of Ziyon)

“Unacceptable and insulting”: Kremlin demands apology from Fox News for calling Putin “a killer” (Tyler Durden)

Jewish leaders denounce Palestinian Authority’s “fort of torture” (Rafael Medoff)

The Trump-Trudeau tryst (Thomas Quiggin)

Here’s how Republicans can confirm Supreme Court nominees without the nuclear option (Sean Davis)

How Trump could rein in “sanctuary” California (Jim Stinson)

Trump Tweets angry response to those who express concern over his latest remarks on Russia (Susan Wright)

Authoritarianism is not confined to one political party (David Harsanyi)

The Federalist Party is growing (JD Rucker)

No, Trump isn’t creating a “constitutional crisis.” Here are 5 constitutional crises and how they were solved. (Ben Shapiro)

No borders people: Rebels without a clue (Lee Duigon)

The perils of delaying Obamacare repeal (Jeffrey H. Anderson)

Meet the free traders who don’t like global trade agreements (Matt Welch)

Pence defends Trump’s pro-LGBT actions (David Leach)

LGBTQ vs. unalienable rights: Can Trump have it both ways? (Alan Keyes)

Senator Warren violates Senate rules, complains about consequences

Senator Warren violates Senate rules, complains about consequences

…3 reasons the gag order on Warren is incredibly dumb (Ben Shapiro)

…Former Senator threatened with Rule 19 explains why Warren was shut down (Andrea Ruth)

…Rubio gives fantastic speech defending the silencing of Warren (Right Scoop)

…Ted Cruz: ‘Angry’ Elizabeth Warren ‘lashing out at the American people’ (David Sherfinski)

Trump mounts public defense on immigration order, blasts “politicsl” courts (Adam Shaw)

Momentum for 2nd Amendment picks up steam (Sean McCaffrey)

Is it time to repeal the National Firearms Act? (Bob Owens)

No thug left behind: Obsessed with “racial equity,” St. Paul schools abandoned discipline—and unleashed mayhem (Katharine Kersten)

Nine Senate Democrats say Gorsuch deserves a vote (Jim Geraghty)

Democrat Rahm Emanuel says the Democratic Party won’t be back in power anytime soon (Sara Gonzales)

Poll: Majority of voters approve of immigration ban (Meghana Kurup)

Ted Cruz crushes Bernie Sanders in Obamacare debate (Matthew Burke)

Cecile Richards wants women to boast of their abortions (Susan Wright)

Pro-life groups react to Sheryl Sandberg’s $1M donation to Planned Parenthood (James Rogers)

Christians challenged to protect, care for human life at all stages

Katie Couric: Does Gender Revolution prove abortion is murder? (David Leach)

It’s time to talk about defunding universities that won’t defend free speech (Peter W. Wood)

Socialist group at UCF plans ‘Whack-a-Trump Pinata’ event (Lauren Cooley)

Betsy DeVos’ biggest sin is supporting school choice, not lack of experience (Jay Caruso)

Universities and innovation (Peter G. Klein)

Governor Andrew Cuomo aims to make New York even more pro-abortion (Rebecca Downs)

Planned Parenthood has abortion quotas and offers staff pizza parties if they’re met (Billy Hallowell)

Protests to take place at 200 Planned Parenthood clinics this weekend (Veronica Neffinger)

Abortionist Kermit Gosnell: The Bible confirms I was doing the Lord’s work (Cortney O’Brien)

The happiest, most inspiring, pro-life story you’ll read today (Sherry Antonetti)

Reports or Soros supporting top Republicans was fake news

Reports of Soros supporting top Republicans was fake news

…How the right invokes Soros to demonize its own (JD Rucker)

CDC scientist confesses to destroying study documents on link between vaccines and autism in black boy, but… crickets (Sharyl Attkisson)

What is an executive order? | In 60 seconds (Peter J. Wallison)

Trump Tweet on Nordstrom dumping Ivanka line falls under inherent parental powers (Jonathan Turley)

False Claim about Nominee Gorsuch Highlights Need for Rigorous Fact-Checking (Hans Bader)

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