Travel ban hooplah and yesterday’s links

Radical Islamic terrorists from Somalia, Iraq, Sudan, Yemen, Syria, and Iran have attacked Americans in the US (Joseph R. John)

A straitjacket strategy to contain North Korea (M. L. Cavanaugh)

Rand Paul: “It would be a really rotten, no good, bad idea to have ground troops in Syria” (Rare)

Hamas rejects Israeli offer to aid Gaza in exchange for freeing hostages (TheTower)

How about this Syrian refugee, Justin Trudeau? (Cameron Gray)

California goes confederate (Victor Davis Hanson)

Trump’s EU ambassador says Greece likely to “sever ties with Germany and exit Euro” (Tyler Durden)

Foreign policy is not for the courts to decide (Andrew Napolitano)

Why food stamps don’t promote healthy living (Gary Galles)

Concern for safety of Jewish students grows after holocaust denial leaflets appear on campuses across Britain (Rachel Frommer)

Berkeley’s fickle fascists (David Cole)

Cal State Fullerton instructor allegedly slugs college Republican in face (Joe Newby)

Colleges: The battleground that will shape the philosophy of our nation’s future (and present) (JD Rucker)

CSUF prof allegedly assaults conservative student on campus (Peter Van Voorhis)

$8.5B U.S. counter narcotics effort in Afghanistan boosts opium production (Judicial Watch)

Montana to withhold hunting licenses from deadbeat dads (Robert Farago)

New sheriff in town: AG Jeff Sessions just declared war on crime (Chris Pandolfo)

Constitutional carry passes in New Hampshire (Bob Owens)

Leftists surround ICE van carrying Mexican (Robert Kraychik)

The economy may be growing faster than we think and has been for a long time (James Pethokoukis)

How capitalism is making it easier for working moms to be happy (Nicole Russell)

#BlackMoneyMatters: Bank creates BLM debit card (Victor Skinner)

Competition and monopoly (Peter G. Klein)

Why delaying Obamacare repeal is hurting the American people (Sondra Clark)

Healthcare is not immune to the laws of economics (Jonathan Newman)

25 reasons why protectionism is taken seriously when it’s actually a form of economic suicide (Mark J. Perry)

Trade experts warn Trump: Be wary of Japan (Brendan Kirby)

Legislation would place Consumer Financial Protection Bureau under Trump’s authority (John Sexton)

Time to repeal ethanol subsidies (Chris Edwards)

Carbon taxes: A plan to finance GOP and Trump’s spending addiction (David Leach)

Nuclear CEO says industry at ‘tipping point’ (John Siciliano)

12th Dead Sea Scroll cave is discovered (Amanda Casanova)

With Trump in office, Democrats embrace homeschooling, guns and federalism (Rare)

Warnings for White House on terror designation for Iran Revolutionary Guard (Karen Deyoung)

A Muslim Brotherhood security breach in Congress (Daniel Greenfield)

Trump travel order shields the U.S. from real-life migrant mayhem (Deroy Murdock)

What could happen if the Islamic State breaks apart? (James Hess)

Trump planning to send ISIS to Gitmo with new executive order (RightScoop)

Anti-Trump activists announce another general strike, this time for everybody (Emily Zanotti)

Most Democrats think Christians in Muslim world treated better than Muslims in U.S. (Matthew Archbold)

Linda Sarsour gets Democratic Party social media “endorsement” (Aussie Dave)

When “D” stands for dementia (Dr. John)

Liberals troll themselves (Steven Hayward)

Appeals court rules against Trump travel ban

Appeals court rules against Trump travel ban

…Travel ban judicial overreach attacks the Constitution as much as it attacks Trump (JD Rucker)

…Trump: See you in court (Brandon Morse)

…Some presidential actions are “unreviewable?” (Michael Boldin)

…Tom Cotton weighs in on ninth circus decision (Streiff)

…Hillary trolls Trump (Caitlin Yilek)

…Mark Levin explains pathetic ruling (RightScoop)

…Assad: Some refugees are “definitely” terrorists (Michael Isikoff)

…9 biggest legal stupidities in the Ninth Circuit’s decision (Ben Shapiro)

…A dangerous ruling (David French)

…Analysis of today’s decision (Patterico)

…Ted Cruz suggests Supreme Court will uphold travel ban (Susan Wright)

…Trump’s two options after 9th circuit ruling are win-win long-term (JD Rucker)

After conquering the Boy Scouts, what’s next? (Cliff Kincaid)

Planned Parenthood staffers harass pregnancy centers with fake online reviews (Jay Hobbs)

Pastor wins religious discrimination case (Kevin Daley)

South Carolina firefighter adopts baby he delivered on 911 call (Faithwire)

Pro-lifers will protest at Planned Parenthood in 218 cities (Eric Scheidler)

Legacy media #FakeNews by omission (Brian of London)

Fox’s “star” ironically proves Black Lives Matter’s violence (Karen Townsend)

This doctor wrote a memoir about the joy of doing abortions. Now the New York Times is fawning over him. (Ben Shapiro)

Media’s use of “Mamet Principle” running on autopilot (Sundance)

Time for journalistic licenses? (Mike VanOuse)

Elizabeth Warren’s secrets and lies (Ronald L. Rubin)

Judge Robart’s socialist totalitarianism (Dr. Sarah Condor)

Michelle Obama to appear on reality television show (Alex Pappas)

9 things you need to know about Elizabeth Warren (Aaron Bandler)

Democratic rage might trump Keith Ellison’s past (Jonathan S. Tobin)

More CEOs jump on the liberal brand wagon (FRC)

Cory Booker calls Putin cause of global terror, slams Trump for ‘cozying up’ to him (Carlos Garcia)

6 reasons left wing protests are a joke (Lauren Southern)

Republicans should make Elizabeth Warren the voice of the Democrats (David Harsanyi)

Democrats’ attacks on Sessions influenced Rand Paul’s vote (Niels Lesniewski)

Patrick Henry

ACLU opposes bill to ban sex-selection abortions (Micaiah Bilger)

New technology captures clear footage of an unborn baby in the womb (Kate Scanlon)

Planned Parenthood’s abortion quota certificate proven authentic – by Planned Parenthood (Luke Faulkner)

Pro-abortion campaign called “My Body, My Rights” seeks to indoctrinate children (Marianna Orlandi)

Pepperdine removes Columbus statue, then Columbus impersonator (Kassy Dillon)

Protesters block Betsy DeVos from entering DC public school (Phillip Stucky)

…Protesters employed the “Shame! Shame! Shame!” chant (Paul Crookston)

…#ShePersisted: Betsy DeVos on protesters: “I will not be deterred” (Mickey White)

…The messaging is bad (Darrick Johnson)

…The most consequential thing Betsy DeVos could do on higher ed (Jason D. Delisle)

Turkey’s President Erdoğan approves constitutional boost to his powers (Guardian)

Trump backs further away from embassy move (Elder of Ziyon)

The age of hyper-terrorism and ‘low cost’ terrorism (Michael Rubin)

The Muslim Council of Britain’s little problem (Douglas Murray)

Hamas-linked CAIR holds event with Hezbollah imam (Joe Kaufman)

Trump back in neutral: Warns Israel on settlements (Hank Berrien)

Unpatriotic neoconservatives (Rare)

Trump using Al Gore playbook to deal with his ethical corruption (David Leach)

Mnuchin advances in Senate (Robert King)

Trump favorably cites blog post that called his executive order “incompetent malevolence” (Patterico)

Ted Cruz is right. You don’t have a right to healthcare. (Eli Steinberg)

The Constitution, Shabbat, and the purpose of limitations (Pini Dunner)

GOP Sens. push bill to break up liberal Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals (Joe Newby)

Time to clip the court’s wings? (Patrick J. Buchanan)

Student leader says ‘black-on-black crime is not a thing,’ wants to censor those who say it is (Greg Piper)

NY Department of Education apologizes for “anti-Israel” carton on statewide exam (Miriam Elman)

Columbia University forces organizers of upcoming event with Jewish state’s U.N. ambassador to slash number of pro-Israel attendees (Lea Speyer and Rachel Frommer)

Poor, indebted school district mulls fancy new construction (Jon Cassidy)

Trump promises to modernize American airports (Michael Qazvini)

3 reasons Trump is wrong to oppose civil asset forfeiture reform (Nick Gillespie, Meredith Bragg and Joshua Swain)

Kellyanne Conway’s lengthening gaffe track (Sarah Westwood and Gabby Morrongiello)

Ted Cruz is right about the Democrats and racism (Daniel John Sobieski)

Not so fast on that Trump endorses the ‘Gang of Eight’ story (T. Becket Adams)

80% of people think abortion at 20 weeks is a bad idea (Glenn Beck)

#ProtestPP: Nationwide protests planned this weekend to defund America’s Abortion Corporation (Susan Michelle-Hanson)

Poll: Most religious Americans now support same-sex marriage (Aaron Bandler)

So… when’s the “Women’s March” for this woman being publicly beaten under Sharia law? (Amanda Prestigiacomo)

5 reasons we must defund Planned Parenthood (Lisa Smiley)

Connecticut jacks up fees for gunowners, creating self-defense inequality (Dave Blount)

This is why cops need body cameras (Streiff)

Gun control’s shocking racist history (Bob Owens)

How many U.S. immigrants are illegal? The numbers will stun you. (Amanda Prestigiacomo)

Hearts bleed as felonious illegal alien Guadalupa Garcia de Rayos is deported (Dave Blount)

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