Stephen Miller’s power and yesterday’s links

Denzel Washington explains how his latest character is like a Trump voter (Sara Gonzales)

CBS making sitcom called “Living Biblically” (Veronica Neffinger)

Katy Perry is now singing about “fake news” (Emily Zanotti)

‘Selma’ actor talked to sons about Trump’s ‘reprehensible’ language (Anna Giaritelli)

Trump has Richard Gere asking: ‘Where’s the beef?’ (AP)

Another immigration EO coming

Another immigration EO coming?

…Morning Joe: Trump redrafting new immigration executive order (RightScoop)
…The consequences of Trump’s bungled immigration order (Ian Tuttle)

…Are we prepared to do what Germany is just now discovering was a bad idea? (Patricia Anthone)

…Court ruling against Trump’s executive order shows the worst in judicial activism (Hans von Spakovsky)

…Trey Gowdy puts Ninth Circuit on blast (Joe Cunningham)

…Just how radical was the Ninth Circuit’s nullification of law? (Daniel Horowitz)

Trump will NOT take travel ban case to the Supreme Court

…Trump reverses course, might still appeal travel ban to the Supreme Court (Carlos Garcia)

…9th Circuit may be poised to rehear Trump’s executive order case (Streiff)

Why the “Resistance” won’t be the new Tea Party (Robert Tracisnki)

How does the end of the filibuster and 2014 OPEC action relate? (Kent Engelke)

Conservatism is now the counterculture (Dave Blount)

Trump on Israeli settlements: “I want all sides to behave in a reasonable manner” (RightScoop)

Allegations surface that National Security Adviser Michael Flynn spoke with Russia about sanctions (Frank Camp)

U.S. will ‘invest heavily’ in Japan’s security but must have ‘fair’ trading partnership: Trump (Dave Boyer)

Trump administration’s estimated price of the border wall rises. Again. (Austin Yack)

Backed-up system, heavy regulations cause turmoil for homeschooling parents in New York (Liberty McArtor)

Study: Liberal-to-conservative faculty ratio in academia will blow your mind (Pete Vanderzwet)

How Marx helps us understand academia (George Leef)

Georgetown Islamic studies prof: Slavery, non-consensual sex OK (Joe Newby)

After Pepperdine removed its Columbus statue, students protest with performance art (Frank Camp)

Watch: Students protesting Trump executive order have no idea what it entails (Tré Goins-Phillips)

Top 3 guns guaranteed to freak out an anti-gunner (Robert Farago)

White House has interviewed Carl Higbie for Press Secretary (Elaina Plott)

Networks go nuts over Trump’s “first victim” of deportation (Nicholas Fondacaro)

From Russia, with love

From Russia, with love?

…Putin considering giving Snowden to Trump as a “gift” (SooperMexican)

…Snowden’s ‘irrefutable evidence’ may land him in prison if Russians hand him over to ‘curry favor’ with Trump (Scott Morefield)

How welfare reform can inform a better trade policy (Michael Barone)

Lack of competition is leading to a costly electricity glut in California (Steven Greenhut)

Why cities are demolishing freeways (Tiffany Owens)

To drain the swamp, kill the Ex-Im Bank (Veronique de Rugy)

Ted Cruz’s take on Obamacare in 4 quotes (Morgan Walker)

“UC Berkeley today is a joke” (Ezra Levant)

Conservative professor calls for rebuilding of American culture (Aleister)

Michigan House, Senate bills would repeal, replace Common Core (Erin Dietzer)

When her son’s class holds a “Dads” event, Ohio single mom gets creative so she can take him (Angie McPherson)

BLM organizers trash Trump, police in campus lectures (Dylan Larino and Jackson Richman)


Islamic State supporters jailed after undercover police operation (Steve Swann)

Le Pen: If elected, French Jews will have to renounce Israeli citizenship (JPost)

Is Greece realy on the verge of another financial crisis? (Milton Ezrati)

Israel permanently downgrades its ties to New Zealand, Senegal (Raphael Ahren)

New York man admits seeking to help Islamic State group (Tom Hays)

Did Piers Morgan actually just say something right about Hollywood and the entertainment industry? (Rare)

“John Wick: Chapter 2” is a social justice film reviewer’s nightmare (Sarah Lee)

…The art and poetry of ultra-violence (John Nolte)

…John Wick can save America (JD Rucker)

“The Walking Dead” is a defense of gun ownership (Scott Morefield)

Congressman: Rarely used law could make Trump tax returns public (Herb Jackson)

Trump wants to negotiate the price of the border wall down (Susan Wright)

The Federalist Paper: The publication Neil Gorsuch helped found at Columbia (D. Keith Mano)

DHS Secretary John Kelly tours border region amid surge in immigration enforcement (Sundance)

A Federalist solution to the federal bureaucracy (Fred Gentry)

Top Clinton aide causes uproar; says Hillary wasn’t surprised she lost, she only ran because of Bernie (Tom Tillison)

A dishonest rewriting of Democratic racist history (Steve Berman)

The paranoid style of anti-Trump politics (Jonathan S. Tobin)

Jim Webb: Democrats “have no message,” “moved too far left” (Matthew Burke)

Mary Katharine Ham calmly takes apart Elizabeth Warren ‘sympathizers’ and it’s hilarious (Twitchy)

Anti-Trump SNL can now be called “Saturday Night Liberals” (Vinnie Penn)

Pop singer Natalie Imbruglia nixes Israel concert (JPost)

“Captain America” Chris Evans accused by former KKK leader David Duke of supporting “Zionist wars” in Twitter feud (Shiryn Ghermezian)

America’s new peacemaker, Lindsay Lohan, wants a sit-down on refugee crisis with Trump and Putin: ‘Know ur place!’ (Scott Morefield)

What every evolutionist could learn from Hidden Figures (Douglas Axe)

How Trump’s executive orders line up with past Presidents (Morgan Walker)

GOP shifting on immigration (Alexander Bolton)

Cuccinelli: Trump must rewrite travel ban order (John Siciliano)

Ben Sasse: “I’m a Constitutional warrior before I’m a partisan” (Reagan Independent)

Ben Shapiro lampoons transgengerism with one quick question (Matthew Burke)

New York Times op-ed bulldozes journalism (Daniel Pomerantz)

#FakeNews: The media’s devotion to left-wing confirmation bias (Joe Cunningham)

CBS’s Major Garrett: Skipping WH correspondents dinner now would prove anti-Trump media bias (Tim Graham)

CNN rejects Trump’s accusation that it cut off Sanders: ‘False’ (Kyle Balluck)

The media avoiding the facts of “Trump immigration raids” (Brad Slager)

Democrats push to punish Flynn after reports of secret contacts with Russians (David Sherfinski)

Rahm Emanuel wears Mexican flag lapel pin during immigration presser (Kyle Olson)

Governor Jerry Brown asks President Trump for disaster relief funds (Leslie Eastman)

McConnell’s remark boosts Warren’s profile as Democrats look for new leader (Seth McLaughlin)

Bill Maher and Al Franken agree: Supreme Court seat “stolen” by GOP (Jack Coleman)

Here comes “Fortress America”? (Jacob Heilbrunn)

Christie: No plans to join Trump administration when term is up (Tom Howell Jr.)

Embracing Reagan’s notion of small-government Federalism (JD Rucker)

Washington is out to get Steve Bannon (John Fund)

Trump, Bannon said to weigh firing Mike Flynn over Russian phone calls scandal (Tyler Durden)

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