Obamacare, Puzder, and yesterday’s links

Two things dropped out this week. The first was Obamacare, a lost cause that seems to be getting more bad news every month. The second was Andy Puzder, the beleaguered nominee for Labor Secretary who decided it was better to stay at Carl’s Jr.

Why does the House continue to act like they don’t have the majority? (Ben Howe)

5 up-and-coming GOP governors to watch (W. James Antle III)

Trump loses request to postpone states’ challenge to travel ban (SooperMexican)

Mnuchin confirmed as Trump’s treasury secretary by divided Senate (Stephen Ohlemacher)

Joy Villa’s album sales rise 53,350,100% (Joseph Curl)

Teen Vogue has gift guide for post-abortive teens, but here’s what they really need (Cassy Fiano)

NFL threatens to deny Texas Super Bowl if boys are not allowed in girl’s bathrooms (Dave Blount)

…NFL threatens Texas, and Governor Abbott responds like a Texan (Carlos Garcia)

How women can help abortion-proof their communities (Kat Talalas)

680 illegals nabbed 34 of whom had criminal convictions

680 illegals nabbed, 3/4 of whom had criminal convictions

…ICE targeted immigrants who are a threat to public safety (Alicia A. Caldwell)

…Trump’s DHS is on par with the numbers reported under the Obama administration (Tré Goins-Phillips)

The WaPo’s Kathleen Parker bashed the Tea Party. Now she wants us to listen to her? (Jen Kuznicki)

An open letter to mainstream media’s anonymous sources (David French)

Apple CEO wants tech solution for “fake news” he says is “killing minds” (Jim Jamitis)

“Feminist” New York Times journalist says “Melania Trump is a hooker…” (Team Crowder)

ABC journalist worried about Spicer’s ‘health’ because he ’spends so much time angry’ (Tré Goins-Phillips)

Arizona bill would set foundation to stop federal gun control in the state (Mike Maharrey)

Rep. Mark Sanford pushes for REAL ID reform as privacy issues loom (Al Weaver)

Concealed carrier stops stabbing at Topeka Walmart (Bob Owens)

Teacher Union president rants about “punching people in the face’ (James Soviero)

Trump: We want ‘a big, beautiful open door,’ but not for ‘the wrong people’ (Sarah Westwood)

We can’t let Obama years make us forget why Israel is a top friend and ally (Kristofer L. Harrison)

UN Secretary General: Islamophobia leads to terrorism (Sarah Lee)

Number, cost of regulations a crushing tax on Americans (Washington Times)

Rep. Mike Bishop co-sponsors “Save Christians from Genocide Act” aiming to expedite refugee visa processing (Matt Cavitt)

7-year-old Syrian girl who famously Tweeted from Aleppo now enjoys a totally new life (FaithWire)

David Shulkin easily confirmed as VA secretary (Caitlin Owens)

Trump to appeal (Jay Caruso)

Ted Cruz honors the “matchless legacy” of Justice Antonin Scalia one year after his death (Chris Pandolgo)

Mike Pence courts the House Freedom Caucus (Nicole Duran)

Trump has fewest cabinet secretaries confirmed since George Washington (Rob Bluey)

No, those aren’t swastikas on your sidewalk, Sarah Silverman (Jim Geraghty)

Scott Baio and other Trump devotees are telling Norstrom to back the damn cake (Susan Wright)

Captain America attacks Jeff Sessions. Shapiro destroys him with one Tweet. (Hank Berrien)

Dear Katy Perry: After the Grammy performance, we’re over (Bre Payton)

Cardinal counsels “soft” stance on abortion on “The Young Pope” (Carllisa Ring)

Beyond the failed “two-state solution” (Guy Millière)

Israel should annex West Bank & give Palestinians full citizenship – President Rivlin (RT)

Resolution 2334 and potential teachable moments (Kenneth Lewis)

Migration expert says 50 million Muslims support violent defense of Islam (HeatStreet)

South African president wants to be more like Zimbabwe (Marian Tupy)

The Court Strikes Back

Princeton urged to rename school honoring “white supremacist” President Woodrow Wilson (Kieran Corcoran)

How federal spending fuels the campus speech police (Bruce Majors)

Iowa State students mull ‘sanctuary campus’ declaration (AP)

Army vet who joined Ivy League says safe space culture divides students (Aleister)

Campuses coddle students “triggered” by Valentine’s Day with coloring, cookies, puppies (Jillian Kay Melchior)

Don’t bring Montenegro into NATO (Daniel Larison)

U.S. sanctions Venezuelan VP for drug trafficking (John Sexton)

Mobile missiles: The real North Korea threat is here (Eric Gomez)

Hamas picks convicted murderer as its new leader in Gaza (TheTower)

A ridiculous maneuver at the U.N. (Daniel Larison)

What Jeff Sessions’ confirmation means for the 2nd Amendment (Ammoland)

Don’t be fooled by the latest coverup of legalized governmental theft (Glenn Beck)

Alabama considers constitutional carry (Dean Weingarten)

This little-used tool could help Congress undo years of government overreach (Paul J. Larkin Jr.)

Sheriff challenges arena policy that disarms cops, concealed carriers (Bob Owens)

Wall Street Journal editor tells reporters who don’t like objective Trump coverage to leave the paper (Rachel Stolzfoos)

CBS’ Colbert slaps Trump adviser’s head on a pike (Ben Shapiro)

Cosmo tells married people their happiness is a lie… because science! (Carly Hoilman)

Newspaper publisher threatens to sue state lawmaker over ‘fake news’ claim (Jon Street)

Dan Rather jumps the shark: Mike Flynn resignation “biggest political scandal of my lifetime” (Matthew Burke)

When the hotel industry planes a hit on Airbnb, politicians happily take the contract (J.D. Tuccille)

Taxpayer-funded lobbyists are anathema (Shane Vander Hart)

Philadelphia soda tax and leftism (James Mullin)

Bipartisan rivers of red ink (Ralph R. Reiland)

Aetna, Humana officially end merger attempt (Bob Herman)

On Trump, Assad, journalism, PC, and more (Jay Nordlinger)

Donald Trump: Making corporate welfare great again (David Leach)

James Madison warned us (Mike Maharrey)

Chaffetz asks Trump to explain security measures at Mar-A-Lago after missile test (SooperMexican)

Trump’s ability to be manipulated is unreal (Ben Howe)

There’s a reason Trump doesn’t care who talks to the Russians (Joe Cunningham)

The Obamacare repeal will derail the Republican agenda unless Congress gets smart (Christopher Jacobs)

Trump backs away from the two-state solution. Here are five thoughts. (Josh Hammer)

GOP follows Trump’s lead, demands leak investigation (Nicole Duran and Susan Ferrechio)

A number of GOP Senators want Trump-Russia ties investigated after Flynn’s resignation (Susan Wright)

IRS weakens enforcement of Obamacare individual mandate

IRS weakens enforcement of Obamacare individual mandate

…Trump’s IRS will “turn a blind eye” to enforcement of the Obamacare mandate (Patterico)

…House Freedom Caucus and GOP establishment in Obamacare smackdown (David Leach)

Legislation would curb restrictions on political speech in churches (Fred Lucas)

Newborn baby with life-threatening heart condition just received the most spirit-lifting miracle (FaithWire)

Faith leaders urge Congress to pass bill protecting doctors who won’t perform abortions (Kate Scanlon)

Planned Parenthood gets $1M donation from founder of Mirage Resorts and Wynn Hotel (Micaiah Bilger)

Abortion bill in Oklahoma would require fathers to approve procedure (Bradford Richardson)

A brief and appalling history of the Department of Education (Michael S. Goldstein)

Student op-ed: “Microagressions lead to mass shootings” (Katherine Timpf)

UCLA pays profs $1,000 each to teach anti-Trump workshops (Anthony Gockowski)

Anti-Israel students at Columbia University disrupt Israeli ambassador’s speech (Brandon Morse)

Public university that hosted ‘Queering the Spirit’ series offers ‘Vagina Monologues’ inside church (William Nardi)

Climate activists’ final act, as they move into the last stage of grief (WUWT)

Trump adviser’s carbon tax talks alarm conservatives (John Siciliano)

Professor’s commentary full of debunked notions about global warming (LVRJ)

Humans are making “climate change” accelerate 170 times more than nature or something (Pirate’s Cove)

Scientists want to genetically engineer humans (Wesley J. Smith)

How white liberals enable crime in black communities (Walter E. Williams)

Circuits or circuses? Here’s why we desperately need judicial reform at the circuit court level. (Daniel Horowitz)

Do you live in one of these illegal alien hotbeds? (Maria Jeffrey)

How faith-based organizations are transforming our nation’s incarceration system (Steven Hawkins)

Kansas lawmakers seeking to revive limits on concealed guns (AP)

Is Trump heading down the rabbit hole of Middle East peace? (Jonathan S. Tobiin)

Trump, Netanyahu to reset U.S.-Israeli relations after 8 strained years (Fred Lucas)

White House won’t push for ‘two-state solution’ in Israel (Jeremy Lott)

Erdoğan v free speech: how does it feel to live in Turkey right now? (Guardian)

Cotton: “Jews are called Jews because they’re from Judea” (Aussie Dave)

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