Dear Breitbart employees: Quitting over Milo is hypocritical

Breitbart employees threaten to quit over Milo

As I’ve stated many times (including this morning), I wasn’t a fan of Milo Yiannopoulos even before his pro-pedophilia video started buzzing. He’s an entertainer with some conservative views mixed in with a dangerous worldview that promotes the alt-right in all its distasteful glory. The video only reaffirmed my belief that he’s a well spoken shock-jock, a gay and right-leaning Howard Stern with an accent.

As I’ve stated many times, I’m not a fan of Breitbart (the publication, not the man who righteously started it all). In fact, their presence as Trump’s Pravda was one of the things that compelled me to start this website in the first place. They claim to carry the conservative mantle but they continuously lash out at conservative principles, shunning former GOP candidates with true conservative bonafides while pumping up their chosen one. I’m fairly certain their reporting was somehow purchased by Trump, but I’m not a fan of getting sued, so we’ll leave it to speculation.

Reports are coming in that there are staff members who are threatening to quit if the publication doesn’t dismiss Milo. Let’s remember two things when considering this ludicrous notion. First, the video in question is a year old, so it’s not like they didn’t have an opportunity to know about it before hand. They’re journalists, right? Second, they work for this disgraceful publication knowing fully that it regularly publishes shocking and often fake news for the sake of page views.

For this to be the straw that broke their camel’s back is hypocritical. This is Breitbart’s shtick. They embrace the bizarre and outrageous. They’ve published articles embracing the most hideous things for a couple of years now. That they employ someone who may or may not have been joking about despicable acts for the sake of maintaining his and Breitbart’s shock aura is not news. It’s what anyone, particularly journalists who claim to embrace the truth, should have known all along.

As The Blaze mentions:

Milo had made a career out of making outrageous and offensive comments which were met with violent protests from the left, most notably and recently at UC Berkeley in California.

I feel no pity for anyone who still works for the publication. They’re likely getting pressured by friends and family to distance themselves from Milo. I don’t expect Breitbart to fire him. He’s too big of a draw. Those crying foul at this late hour need to just go ahead and quit. There are plenty of local publications who might not vet out their past experience in shock journalism.

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JD Rucker

JD Rucker is Editor of this site as well as Soshable, a Federalist Christian Blog. He is a Christian, a husband, a father, and co-founder of the Federalist Party. Find him on Twitter or Facebook.

  1. I would be a bit more careful here. Do they publish over the top stories…of course, but doesn’t mean it is all bad, nor that their employees. Would I agree that I don’t think I could work their given their past publications, yes. Would I go so far as calling them hypocritical with demanding a co-worker be fired because of an editor that goes so far as to support pedo behavior…in jest or seriousness? I don’t think so.

    Simply from the standpoint that I don’t know the inner workings of the individual employees, the company, or their personal motivations for staying or going. …that alone would give me pause as striking them down with a hypocrite label.

    …further, by the logic that the videos have been out for a year, so they should have known. …if we utilize that argument, then what should we do with republicans, cpac, colleges, and college groups that have invited him to speak and what not? I’ve never supported the guy nor do I believe in this concept have taking a token person of race, orientation, or religion, and making them the sound piece for an entire movement. Whether the person is righteous or not, you are begging for trouble.

    It is easy for anyone to make excuses, defend actions, or forgive behavior up to a certain point. Nearly everyone has an individual tolerance level or limit. This Milo’s behavior obviously is way over the top, but lets be real here….there were many MANY problems with it before this video, and his antics should have never been accepted as “big tent” philosophical acceptance. That they were, again well before this video, is a stain that both republicans and conservatives will be left marked with for quite some time. …at least with me.

    1. Well said. I guess the better wording on my part should have been something to the effect of, “He’s built a brand on saying things that are over the top and everyone at Breitbart knows it. Why threaten to quit just because something went more public than usual?”

  2. Sadly, Milo was unaware that unless you are referring to the Sex Offender Registry, pedophilia is totally off limits no matter what. Seems to be a fine line between a forward, thought provoking thinker and a clown. He definitely crossed it awhile ago.

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