Enemy of the American people and yesterday’s links

The weekend started off pretty busy from a political news perspective. Donald Trump made waves by saying that the press was the enemy of the American people. While most on the right agreed, there were those (including us) who thought he went too far with his condemnation.

What do we really know?

…Republicans draw the line with Trump on Russia (David M. Drucker)

…How Presidents shape their administrations (Ben Shapiro)

…Spies are withholding intelligence from Trump, says WSJ (Carlos Garcia)

…Russia challenges Trump with missile treaty violation (David Thornton)

“Climate change” movement should take a page from gay marriage playbook or something (Pirate’s Cove)

A climate scientist is smeared for blowing the whistle on “corrected” data (Julie Kelly)

California schools cut meat, cheese from lunches to fight global warming (Andrew Follett)

Susan Collins will vote no on Scott Pruitt as EPA Director (Mary Chastain)

Super-soaker: Atmospheric River taking aim on beleaguered #OrovilleDam (Anthony Watts)

No excuse for Congress not to pass criminal code reforms so innocent Americans don’t get punished (John-Michael Seibler)

Montana House bill to limit ALPR use, help block national license plate tracking program (Mike Maharrey)

Most Americans support Trump’s immigration order, and they’re not all racists (M.G. Oprea)

DHS: Gang affiliation of Seattle immigrant cancels DACA status (Anna Giaritelli)

The truth about sanctuary cities and crime rates (Scott Erickson)

Actor Chris Pratt shares the Bible verse he’s ‘relied on for strength’ (Tré Goins-Phillips)

DNC will vote on resolution to condemn ABC drama ‘Designated Survivor’ (Anna Giaritelli)

Kid Rock for Senate? How about now? (Jim Jamitis)

Karemm: “La La Land” is racist (Hank Berrien)

Lindsay Lohan stands up for Trump: ‘We have to join him’ (Tré Goins-Phillips)

Obama's shadow government

Obama’s shadow government

Nobody wants Chelsea in politics, not even Democrats (Joseph Curl)

Flashback: US Army training labeled Hillary Clinton as ‘insider’ threat risk (Kyle Olson)

Democracy v. Republic (Herbert London)

New FOIA release: Obama admin knew immediately Benghazi was “direct breaching” terror attack, not “under cover of protest” (Ed Morrissey)

7 Democratic scandals worse than Flynn’s ouster (Aaron Bandler)

Spies spying on the White House?

Spies spying on the White House?

…Chaffetz: Let’s investigate these intelligence community leaks (James Barrett)

…Paul: Leaks that brought down Flynn threaten ‘free society’ (Kyle Feldsher)

…Donald Trump: Spotlight now on ‘low-life leakers! They will be caught!’ (David Sherfinski)

…Are spies keeping intel from Trump because of leaks? (Jay Caruso)

…Top intel chief: We’re not withholding intel from POTUS (Ed Morrissey)

Iran warns Trump not to disclose secret deals in Obama’s Iran deal (RightScoop)

Most Americans maintain favorable view of Israel, poll finds (JTA)

Did North Korea just launch a Chinese missile? (Gordon G. Chang)

Germany raids imams suspected of being Erdogan’s spies (Jacob Bojesson)

Shadowy Iranian general visits Moscow, violating sanctions (Lucas Tomlinson)

The media is already linking Oroville Dam disaster to global warming (Michael Bastach)

Steve Bannon seriously torqued by Breitbart reporting (Streiff)

Tucker Carlson almost made a WaPo reporter cry over “fake news” (Team Crowder)

CW’s “Arrow” gets political: “Unapologetic progressive” producer targets “conservative agenda” (James Barrett)

HBO slammed for new “rich white people problems” Nicole Kidman-Reese Witherspoon drama (HeatStreet)

Liberal media in crisis after being passed over for questions (Aleister)

Jared Kushner complains about CNN contributors to company exec (Caitlin Yilek)

Malkin to media: Hello? Where have you been the last 8 years? (Chris Pandolfo)

Message to the media: You can’t be the opposition party and be an impartial press (Streiff)

Fox News’ Shepard Smith hammers Trump for avoiding this question during his press conference (Carlos Garcia)

Robert Harward turns down offer to replace Flynn

Robert Harward turns down offer to replace Flynn

…Trump is trying to convince Harward to change his mind (RightScoop)

…Why we’re not jumping on the “bash Trump” bandwagon (Federalist Party)

10 takeaways from Trump’s jaw-dropping marathon press conference

…Trump on leaks: They’re real, but the news is not (Joe Cunningham)

…8 must-see moments from the most Trump conference ever (Chris Pandolfo)

…Trump blasts “fake news” and “failing” media outlets (Fred Lucas)

…Trump blasts media for ignoring that Hillary gave 20% of U.S. uranium to Russia (Matthew Burke)

Key takeaways from the Trump-Netanyahu press conference (Aussie Dave)

The two-state solution: Does Trump’s indifference matter? (Jonathan S. Tobin)

Kurds’ move to keep Yazidi, Christian refugees from their homes is hurting anti-ISIS alliance (Perry Chiaramonte)

Terror sponsors using lobbyists, unwitting veterans to quash lawsuits (Hognose)

The end of Palestine (Daniel Greenfield)

Iran nuclear deal could unravel with Europe’s help, analyst says (Amy Kellogg)

Turkey prepares to abolish Democracy as Erdogan continues crackdown on academics and Kurds (Yochanan Visser)

“Two states” isn’t the goal. Peace is the goal. They are not the same. (Elder of Ziyon)

Cambridge Dictionary redefines Israel’s capital (HonestReporting)

Hezbollah chief threatened to attack Israeli nuclear reactor (TheTower)

College students complain about “white supremacy,” demand free tuition for black students (Ronn Blitzer)

Princeton is no being pressured to rename school named for Woodrow Wilson (Aleister)

Austin teachers union members caught giving students instructional literature on resisting ICE (Brandon Morse)

Clemson students, profs jump on anti-Calhoun bandwagon (Mitchell Gunter)

Student government gives $1,000 to leftist group that physically attacked conservative students (Kaitlynn Critchfield)

The FN Fal: “The right arm of the free world” (Jason J. Brown)

Texas considering allowing EMTs, first responders to conceal weapons (Beth Baumann)

Senate panel advances deadly force legislation (AP)

National security poll finds broad support for immigration enforcement (NumbersUSA)

Federal appeals court strikes down Florida “Docs v. Glocks” law (Johannes Paulsen)

Trump hates trade deficits, but which ones really matter? (Thomas Black and Dace Merrill)

Wartime prosperity? (Don Boudreaux)

Stock market in Trump’s first month: best since LBJ (Alayna Treene)

Debt isn’t a problem. Easy money policies are the problem. (Frank Shostak)

Banning a TV station is protecting socialist Venezuela’s free speech? (Tim Worstall)

The Russian conspiracy theory boils over (Matthew Vadum)

With one Tweet, Chuck Todd reveals the truth about the mainstream media (Jay Caruso)

Visualizing the fake news problem (Tyler Durden)

The media’s “Me Party” (Heather Wilhelm)

Interesting reaction to journalist Hunter Stuart’s piece on his about-face (Aussie Dave)

Mexico is moving forward on a plan to hit U.S. farmers where it hurts (Fortune)

On a ‘day without immigrants,’ President Trump puts thousands of American coal miners back to work (Scott Morefield)

Untangling the future of healthcare (Ramin Oskoui)

T-Mobile and Sprint may get to merge under Trump (Ina Fried)

Inflation hits, sending workers’ wages negative (Aaron Bandler)

Acosta rings amnesty alarm bells

Acosta rings amnesty alarm bells

Abbas’ new deputy consistently says that terror is legitimate (Elder of Ziyon)

Netanyahu: US, Israel have ‘grand mission’ to confront Iran threat (FoxNews)

Appeasing Islamic terrorists doesn’t work (Daniel Greenfield)

Scandinavia: The west’s citadel of antisemitism (Giulio Meotti)

The truth about the two-state solution (Akhilesh Pillalamarri)

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Brian Molidor is Assistant Editor at The New Americana.

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