Pence makes promises and yesterday’s links

The President isn’t the hero of the American story (Jonah Goldberg)

5 things you need to know about Trump’s new communication director (Aaron Bandler)

Utah House votes to spend $350k on its own federalism refresher courses (Lee Davidson)

Rex Tillerson presiding over a “bloodbath” at the State Department (Jim Jamitis)

Why was the FBI investigating General Flynn (Andrew C. McCarthy)

Massive bureaucratic pain suffered as Trump’s regulation freeze takes effect (Streiff)

Kelly: Trump is working on a “streamlined” travel ban (David Rising)

Trump press conference: When all politics are personal (Alex Keeney)

The rise of the tough-guy right (David French)

With “nothing left to lose” Mark Sanford not afraid to attack Trump (Jim Jamitis)

The media has a plan

University of Chicago to offer “Trump 101” course. Yes, they’ll talk about fascism. (Ben Shapiro)

Betsy DeVos downplays the power of the Education Department (Paul Crookston)

Flier at University of North Carolina calls for violence against Trump supporters (Dave Blount)

House subcommittee eager to bring in high-performing charter schools (Erin Clark)

Leftist professors rank Obama #12 president of all time (Hank Berrien)

Rand Paul’s full guide to repealing and replacing Obamacare (Matt Kibbe)

GOP worried Trump distractions could bog down agenda (Al Weaver)

Trump keeps us conflicted, and this is a good thing (Kimberly Ross)

Libertarians clash with Richard Spencer in DC (Daniel Chaitin)

Rand Paul shreds RINO McCain: “We’re very lucky John McCain is not in charge” (Matthew Burke)

Pence says US will hold Russia accountable

Pence: US “will continue to hold Russia accountable”

….Backs NATO (SooperMexican)

…Vice President says Trump administration ‘will be unwavering in our commitment to this transatlantic alliance’ (S.A. Miller)

In amended libel lawsuit, Melania Trump now includes “hooker” statement from NY Times reporter (Susan Seager)

Jewish reporter who clashed with Trump is ‘hopeful’ for White House outreach in fighting antisemitism (Daniel Chaitin)

Housebreaking the news media (Bill Whittle)

Charlie Daniels: ‘Only a matter of time before there will be blood on the streets’ (Dave Urbanksi)

Trump’s feud with the media needs to stop now (Susan Wright)

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