Cultural “revolution” serves a purpose

Secular Humanism

There are no absolutes in the minds of a Leftist. Discretion of any kind is denounced as “discriminatory” and/or judgmental. The Left demands that the boundaries between legal and illegal, moral and immoral, constructive or destructive all be eradicated.

Why is that?

Here’s my guess:

By eroding not only the boundaries around the country but the boundaries on acceptable behavior which support our respect for each other, greater demand for force of law can be generated.

The “catechism” of secular humanism; the religion to which most Leftists are subscribed, defines a person as nothing more than an animal; incapable of mastering its impulses, instincts or emotions. That being the case, only top-down, central control exercised by the wise elites in Gov’t (informed by their “’clergy,” academia) can be entrusted to maintain any semblance of order.

Previous generations of Americans had been largely unified in viewing a person as a conscious being fully capable of considering and transcending animal impulse. We taught, recognized and respected virtues – the character attributes which empower a person to master himself.

This ennobling view made the idea of subjugation under a central authority entirely repulsive. Only by replacing it while dissolving social (and often legal) boundaries around social behavior could the conditions be created which make top-down, central-control desirable.

The “cultural revolution” which began by teaching that humanity is nothing more than a “freakishly over-grown animal species threatening to sully its own life-support system” serves the purpose of transforming “fitness for liberty” into “fit for subjugation.”

There is a method to this madness.

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