He lied to me? How dare he!

Donald Trump Lies

It has reached the point in time that President Trump is reneging on the promises that he made during his campaign for President. It is something that the voter has to deal with every four years from a presidential candidate. Or every two years from a congressional candidate or every six years from a senatorial candidate.

Despite all the fury that Democrats and leftists have wasted on President Trump accusing him of being a Nazi, a Fascist and a Capitalist pig, there seems to be not that many fewer people who supported him for the office who are calling him a liar and worse because he has gone from a Two China policy to a One China policy or cozying up with Wall Street.
Let us face the facts. There is the ideal and there is the real. The ideal; candidate tells the truth and his real positions all the time. The real candidate tells the voter what the voter wants to hear in order to get elected and get a nice little government pension.

Politicians are much like prostitutes. They will tell one what one wants to hear — one is the best “lover” in the world or that she loves one or that one is the best. And she’ll say that until she gets the five or twenty or one hundred dollars hidden away into her garter or bra.

It has been so since the founding of the Republic, but not so overt as the past twenty years have been.

Why are people surprised? Are the American people stupid? It’s like being surprised when one is burnt on a red hot hob of a stove by putting one’s hand on it after having experienced the same result five times before.

Politicians are not your friends. Presidents, senator, representatives, assemblymen and mayors are not your friends or lovers. They are people who will tell you that they care about you and your concerns right up to the moment that they stick their $100,000 salary into their garters or bras. Then you’re nothing until it re-election time.

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Dave Payton

I have been a a machinist in the aerospace/defense industry for over forty years. I have been married to the same wonderful woman for over forty years. I was a sailor in the U.S. Naval Reserve in the 1970s. I have little education beyond high school except trade school and an apprenticeship. I am a conservative Christian in both faith and practice. I'm am mostly interested in cultural issues as opposed to politics. And I like dogs and pigeons no matter the breed.

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