The Milo mess behind us and yesterday’s links

Shia LaBeouf goes berserk at new livestream camera in Albuquerque (P.J. Gladnick)

Actor Ashton Kutcher recounts Talmudic tale during Senate foreign relations committee hearing on human trafficking (Shiryn Ghermezian)

7 things you need to know about PewDiePie (Aaron Bandler)

Mark Zuckerberg hints on plans to use artificial intelligence to spy on users (Jasper Hamill)

20th Century Fox apologizes for “fake news” used to promote movie (Brad Slager)

Why China fears (and plans to sink) America’s aircraft carriers (Kyle Mizokami)

Senators look to new sanctions against Iran for missile development (Reuters)

BDS leader succinctly describes what they consider “success” (Elder of Ziyon)

Falling income: Islamic State’s business model ‘failing’ with every territory it loses (AP)

Experts: Supporting Israeli sovereignty in Golan could enhance Middle East stability (TheTower)

Top three reasons not to carry a revolver (Robert Farago)

NRA aiming at AG Healey’s assault weapons enforcement notice (AP)

Rubio and his resurrection of the 2nd Amendment Enforcement Act (Pamela Jablonski)

Tucson mayor carjacked as border town earns its rank as Arizona’s most dangerous city (Ian Miles Cheong)

Eric Zorn: Inside the twisted mind of a gun control advocate (Robert Farago)

Green panic: Supreme Court nominee thinks government “experts” should sometimes lose (Eric Worrall)

Trump: The Obama EPA was ‘clogging up the veins of our country’, Pruitt will fix that (Daniel Chaitin)

GOP wants NASA to focus on space instead of “climate change” (Pirate’s Cove)

Republicans move to block conservative proposals for carbon tax (Ben Wolfgang)

10 trillion gallons over next 7 days for CA #LakeOroville watershed to get massive amounts of rain (Anthony Watts)

Trump’s foreign policy incoherence (Daniel Larison)

Mattis: ‘We’re not in Iraq to seize anybody’s oil’ (Keith Koffler)

The president Trump should be looking up to… and it’s not Reagan (Maria Jeffrey)

Administration set to issue new order on immigration (Jonathan Turley)

Trump, Hannity, Milo, and the phony conservatism of anger and agitation (Jay Caruso)

“Regretful mothers” misunderstand both motherhood and love (Alexandra DeSanctis)

Washington DC becomes 6th place in the U.S. to legalize assisted suicide (Micaiah Bilger)

The economic evils of eugenics (Matthew McCaffrey)

‘Is Genesis History’ Movie (BarbWire)

Planned Parenthood knows ultrasounds lead to fewer abortions, calls them ‘terrorizing’ (Sarah Terzo)

President to speak at CPAC

President to speak at CPAC

…Speaking Friday (David Sherfinski)

Communication professor to students: “People will die as a result of white Trump voters” (Daisy COTR)

5 pieces of advice for education secretary Betsy DeVos (Peter Lawler)

Washington teacher placed on leave after encouraging people to ‘report illegal aliens’ (Tré Goins-Phillips)

UC San Diego students want the Dalai Lama banned from campus (Aleister)

Elite private girls’ school lets students have male identities (Kieran Corcoran)

Sen. McConnell: How I helped Trump win the White House (Salena Zito)

The good, the bad, and the ugly of House Republicans’ Obamacare “replacement” (Christopher Jacobs)

More on Trump’s proposed scheme to use fraudulent trade accounting (Don Boudreaux)

Trump admin to scale back on rule expanding Title IX protection to transgender students (Kaitlyn Schallhorn)

Trump’s Sweden kerfuffle shows why the right trusts him more than the media (Ben Shapiro)

Texas bill cracks down on sanctuary campuses (Dave Blount)

Fla. teacher reprimanded after parents complain of ‘racist’ Facebook post praising mass deportation (Chris Enloe)

Teachers suspended for ‘insulting’ students who skipped class on ‘Day Without Immigrants’ (CollegeFix)

New Jersey school district teaches Islam but censors Christianity (Aaron Bandler)

Dave LaRock’s Virginia campus free speech resolution (Stanley Kurtz)

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