Very real voter fraud: Party raiding by Bernie Sanders’ public employees

Bernie Sanders Party Snatchers

This horror movie might be called: Invasion of the Party Snatchers.

That’s because the Far Left is now openly and brazenly aiming to infiltrate and affect the outcome of REPUBLICAN primaries.

Witness the new comments by this Bernie Sanders supporter — and not coincidentally, a well-paid public employee as the chairwoman of the federally funded Hoboken, NJ public housing authority — who is calling for activists to get involved in Republican primaries and who herself is planning to run for New Jersey Governor, in the Republican primary.

Here is the article.

But Dana Wefer is not doing this because there is a grassroots uprising of un-“woke” progressives who have not discovered their revolutionary consciences inside the Republican Party.

She’s doing it, because the Far Left is so emboldened by the power they feel, and the lack of resistance they are encountering, whether it be economically, socially, culturally or legally, that they feel they can get away with anything.

So this year, that means openly calling for progressives, Commies, nihilists and all other manner of fringe groups to join and vote in the Republican Party.

How can they do this?

Because election laws in many states allow it, that’s why.

It’s the problem of the open primary. Or the hybrid open primary, as is the case with New Jersey. Although New Jersey’s laws aren’t as permissive as many other states, they’re easy enough to allow for gamesmanship.

In New Jersey, a registered voter not affiliated with the Democratic or Republican parties can select a party at the polling place and vote in that primary that day. A new voter can register and pick a party and vote in the primary as soon as 21 days before the primary. Other voters wishing to switch parties have to fill out a form no later than 55 days before the primary.

Notably, nothing stops a voter from meeting these deadlines, joining a party, voting in its primary, and then immediately switching back to the “old” party.  And then doing the same hokey-pokey for each election afterwards!

The problem? Voters joining a party out of a longstanding allegiance to some sort of principles get their vote diluted by newcomers whose principles may be diametrically opposed.

First Amendment rights, you say? Well, those rights are fully exercisable — in the general election.

Believe it or not, our Supreme Court recognized the danger of this type of voter fraud. In 1973, the High Court upheld a New York “deferred enrollment” system which sought to deter this exact type of vote dilution — the court called it “party raiding” – and made voters switch parties nearly one year before the primary. (The case is captioned Rosario v. Rockefeller.)

Election chicanery is usually whispered and plotted secretly. Now we can thank this Hoboken housing official for her brazen candor in confirming what many of us have long suspected.

Voter fraud is real. It is here. And its plotters are now admitting it.

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Eric Dixon

Eric Dixon is a conservative lawyer, campaign strategist and blockchain technology innovator. He has been an election lawyer and delegate candidate for the presidential campaigns of Ted Cruz and Steve Forbes, and has successfully represented media organizations including National Review in lawsuits against the government. A Yale Law School graduate, Mr. Dixon is headquartered out of New York and represents companies, entrepreneurs and investors on financing, corporate governance and regulatory compliance issues. Mr. Dixon is also a former radio talk show host, think tank research director and has completed thirteen marathons.


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