How the *Bleep* did you find me?

How the Bleep Did You Find Me

Once again, I’d like to offer my thanks to the editorial staff at The New Americana for allowing me to share excerpts of my new book “How the *Bleep* Did You Find Me?” with you all.

Time after time, when I do make contact with the subjects of my search, the number one question they all ask is “How the *Bleep* did you find me?” I usually just tell them that it’s my job to find them and don’t bother letting them know how relatively simple their own actions have made it for me to track them down. Here’s the deal. I make my living – a very nice living, I might add, by stalking you.

You see, if you’re my target, I’m going to take the path of least resistance. And that resistance has all but disappeared because of social media and primarily because of the information that you yourself have unwittingly put out there for the world to see.

Stop reading this right now and Google your name. Surprised?

What goes on the Internet….STAYS on the Internet. If your phone number was ever published in the phone book, chances are you’re on one of the sites like, Spokeo and Zabasearch. Because the Internet is so personal to you, you forget that it’s public to everyone else. Remember, I’m looking for you for legal and good purposes, others may not have such lofty intentions.

And 99.9% of the time, the person who is going to help me the very most in tracking you…… you.

Usually people have no clue that I’m even looking for them.

They’re normal human beings, out living their lives, blissfully unaware that not only is data being collected on them, but it is being packaged and resold to services that are the life blood of investigators like myself.

People also have no clue that what they thought was private, i.e. postings on FaceBook or social media, automatically defaults to “public view”. When you Googled yourself a few minutes ago, one of the entries should have been a link to your FaceBook page. If you hadn’t taken the necessary precautions to make your page private, not only do I have your grandmother’s coleslaw recipe (which was yummy, by the way), but I also have photos of you and more information than you ever thought possible.

If you’d like to read more (and I hope you do), the book is available at

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