Following Trump’s big speech, more controversy yesterday’s links

Plumbing the depths of the bathroom debate (FRC)

How America’s largest abortion provider is now a “fashion statement” (Katie Yoder)

China: Pastor arrested for refusing to submit to surveillance (Veronica Neffinger)

Most Americans want bathroom access decided by biological sex (Bre Payton)

Peter Singer says an intellectually disabled person is less valuable than animals (Wesley Smith)

Ruger CEO: People are buying guns because police are backing off (Jenn Jacques)

Rogue judges already granting amnesty. Here’s how to stop it. (Daniel Horowitz)

Kentucky constitutional carry back in the running (Dean Weingarten)

Indiana committee passes bill taking on asset forfeiture, closing federal loophole (Mike Maharrey)

Seattle ‘Dreamer’ won’t get immigration trial moved up (Anna Giaritelli)

Trump’s 5 healthcare principles, explained (Melissa Quinn)

Don’t rock the boat: Trump delays signing new travel ban (Susan Wright)

Trump promises “historic” tax reform (Alexander Hendrie)

Given a choice, Americans pick optimistic Trump over Hollywood snowflakes (Joseph Curl)

Trump’s opportunity to work with Congress to scrap unneeded criminal laws, rules (John-Michael Seibler)

Brian Molidor

Brian Molidor is Assistant Editor at The New Americana.

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