Just before the wiretapping storm and yesterday’s links

Trump’s big-government speech earns Obama Seal of Approval (David Leach)

Proposed Constitutional Amendment would accelerate regulatory reform (Austin Yack)

Texas bill would create process to review and reject unconstitutional federal acts (Mike Maharrey)

The worst part of Trump’s address: Conservative Republicans cheering his Democratic ideas (Jay Caruso)

For regulatory reform, look to Congress (Sean Speer and Kevin R. Kosar)

The day after Conservatives react to Trump speech

The day after: Conservatives react to Trump speech

…Grand slam (John Nolte)

…Rises to the occasion (Jim Geraghty)

…Optimism soaring (Mickey White)

…He can be presidential (Steve Deace)

…Widow of a fallen hero wins the night (Sonya Sasser)

…5 most non-conservative policies Trump pushed (Aaron Bandler)

Sessions offers to recuse himself

Sessions offers to recuse himself

…Sessions scrutinized for meeting with Russian diplomat during campaign (Susan Wright)

…Democrats demand Sessions’ resignation after Russian communications surface (Carlos Garcia)

…Ted Cruz defends Jeff Sessions: Russia news is a ‘nothing burger’ (Kelly Cohen)

…ACLU calls for perjury investigation of Sessions (Ronn Blitzer)

…Senator McCaskill attacks Sessions over Russian meeting by lying about her own Russian meetings (DaTechGuy)

…Paul Ryan: Democrats are lighting their hair on fire to get media to cover Sessions story (RightScoop)

…Chuck Schumer demands Jeff Sessions resign, seeks special prosecutor for Russia investigation (S.A. Miller)

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