All Ryancare and yesterday’s links

Obamacare’s replacement has been dominating the news for a week, now. This is actually sort of nice. Makes it easier for me to keep up with the links. More daily updates coming soon!


Shia LeBeouf raised secret flag to protest Trump. See what pro-Trump Americans replaced it with. (Chris Enloe)

The vast wasteland of liberal late night comedy (Jeff Crouere)

In Israel for “Norman” premiere, Richard Gere slams Trump, Netanyahu as “bad guys” (Barney Breen-Portnoy)

“The View” tries ripping Ben Carson for slavery comments. Looks like idiots instead. (Team Crowder)

Will Steve Bannon help break the left’s monopoly on documentaries? (Michael Pack)

There are no sacred cows

Breitbart’s honeymoon with establishment wing of Trump White House may be over

…Breitbart editor offered Oval Office interview (Shane Savitsky)

…Breitbart editor slams ‘absurd’ story about dispute with Bannon over coverage (Joe Concha)

Levin breaks it down

‘What’s so wrong with RyanCare? Levin breaks it down.

…Resistance grows in Senate to House ObamaCare repeal bill (Jordain Carney)

…Capitol Hill’s misleading claims on tax credits for healthcare (Mike Needham)

Welcome Mats

Welcome mats

Mainstream Media

Leftist journos: “Our business is the truth,” we must end “Olympian neutrality” (Robert Kracyhik)

MSNBC hosts say Trump’s wiretapping claims show the US is ‘in crisis’ (Jon Street)

U.S. media promotes false narrative of Kerry Peace proposal (Karen Bekker)

NYT: Christian-friendly investments “at odds” with corporate America (James Powers)

Dan Rather is back, and he has some new insults for Trump (Hank Berrien)



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