Is Islam compatible with Western civilization?


Judaism & Christianity, practiced now for centuries within cultures valuing individual civil liberties and economic systems based on consent, both underwent the reformation made necessary when the State was no longer run by the clergy and adherents were free to choose.

Islam has not yet adjusted to survival in a context of voluntary practice. The religion and the theocratic political ideology are still very much entwined, preventing assimilation of Muslims who migrate into Western Cultures.  Even those whose practice of Islam is not overtly hostile to the nations welcoming them, their refusal to adopt their new country’s political system and values produces tensions, divisiveness and regular clashes.

But that’s not the worst of it.

The self-imposed isolation of the “No-Go-Zone” ghettos created by mass immigration of Muslims is feeding a steady supply of impoverished, uneducated and restless young Muslims to the terrorist recruiters – ripe for radicalization.

Islamism, often referred to as Political Islam, is a subversive, regressive ideology of conquest pursued with violence and force. It is little changed since the 7th Century because its key feature is domination by force.

Such an ideology has no place in America or any Western society valuing liberty.

London is suffering the inevitable result of its attempt to reconcile a Western Culture valuing openness, tolerance and civil liberty with a culture that values none of these things; in fact openly committed to an agenda of destruction, the better to supplant the value of Western Civilization with their patriarchal, theocratic rule by force.

As is plainly obvious, the two cannot be reconciled.

It’s long past time we stop apologizing for being Western Cultures. Stop apologizing for instituting both governing and economic systems based on consent. Stop apologizing for a system of values that upholds the dignity and worth of the individual.

And please let’s stop apologizing for the prosperity and influence that these precious advancements of Western society have produced.

We can and do invite Muslims to join in our way of life; to accept the form of government instituted within our countries and to learn the ideas and values which have generated prosperity for so many.

It is reckless and irrational to allow the primitive and combative Islamist culture to divide and destroy our own.

  1. Exceptionally well said, Patricia. Israel is an excellent example. For years, they have welcomed muslim, arab, christian and jews into their country, with one rule, to have the desire to co-exist peacefully. Christians and Jews seem to be able to. Muslims however, seems to balk at the offer.

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