The war on our children

The war on our children

Every major civilization in human history has fallen for a few basic reasons. Chief among them has been the disintegration and destruction of the basic family unit – you know – father, mother, and children.

This societal foundation block has existed as long as human history has been around. And, despite loopy, left-wing anthropological interpretations, the vast, vast majority of cultures have followed this template for building their civilizations.

So, it is not surprising then that anyone seeking to weaken or destroy culture will attack the family unit as a means to achieve their nefarious ends. This fact is absolutely playing out before our eyes today in America. And, the chief target of those who dream of a world where secular elites control the rest of the human population is children.

This has been happening in American culture for decades. It began with the denial of religious rights in public schools in the 1960s. It cemented itself into infamy with the legalization of abortion in 1973. And, it goes on and on today with ever-increasing ferocity and absurdity.

The latest affront to reality has just occurred in a small school district in southeastern Pennsylvania. Despite no controlling law to the contrary, a radical school administrator has taken it upon himself to proclaim “gender-preference” bathrooms and locker rooms will be the rule in his domain.

A young boy was told to “get over it” when a young female (who wants to pretend to be male) suddenly appeared in the boys’ locker room when changing for gym class was taking place. The boy complained and was told to bow down to the politically-correct “gods” of the age.

Alliance Defending Freedom and Independence Law Center have entered the fray and have filed a lawsuit on behalf of the abused student. Pennsylvania has no “bathroom laws” which permit “trans-sanity” to rule the day.

Sadly, this is just the latest volley in this war of attrition against the American family. The heaviest casualties in this war are certainly our children. Let’s be real here for a moment. The American College of Pediatricians has come out squarely against “trans-sanity” being forced on children by deluded and psychologically unstable parents. Forcing perfectly healthy children to be subjected to massive amounts of poisonous steroids and possible mutilation of healthy body parts is truly child abuse.

But, science be damned according to the LGBT fascists. Despite this proclamation and several others from real scientists in the medical and psychiatric professions, the “rainbow jihad” is going to push its insanity on as many in America as will cave under their intimidation.

This is just the next step after punishing Christian businesses for refusing to put their imprimatur on the deluded fantasies of “same-sex” marriage spectacles. With the “gaystapo’s” relative success in bullying hard-working young couples and inoffensive grandmothers into compliance with their warped sense of reality, they have now moved onto richer targets – the innocent young.

We already have children who are confused, alienated, and scared by the “brave new world” the secular left is creating in America. You know, the world where there is only one absolute – tolerance for perversion. It is no wonder children have retreated from playing outside in the fresh air into the cyber world of smart phones, tablets, and ever-realistic video games. When fantasy “safe spaces” become more secure than the real world, can we blame them?

But, the fascist radicals are not done yet. Until all children are made to forget the terms “boy” and “girl” and what all that means in reality, biology, and culture, the “rainbow jiahdis” will not stop attacking the most innocent among us.

We have seen a steroids-juiced girl defeat all other girls in a Texas wrestling tournament – all the while blaming the state for not allowing her to wrestle against boys. We just heard about a sub-standard male weightlifter suddenly “identifying” as female and defeating all of the other women weight lifters and setting new “women’s” lifting records.

The examples could go on and on, but you get the point. The left in this country is determined to destroy all traditional American culture or die in the process. And, their buddies in the news media and Hollywood are gladly carrying their water on this road to destruction.

If all Americans who care about the future don’t stand up to these lies and bullying abuse now, there will be no future. We’ve seen the latest result of legalized murder of children in the womb – the harvesting of their body parts for profit. These same ghouls are screaming bloody murder at the thought of losing billions in tax dollars to support their “Gosnell operations.”

We’ve seen the increasing “dumbing down” of our children with the dubious Common Core scam in our public school system. How sad it is that colleges now have to offer remedial English and Math to high school graduates who “qualified” to attend their institutions.

Again, there are many other examples that could be given, but the point is obvious – our children are targets, plain and simple. How can we, as parents and grandparents, simply sit by and do nothing while our children’s lives are being ruined? How can we allow our communities to degenerate into European-style, socialist ghettos? How can we not intervene when our kids have their innocence stolen from them long before they even reach a decade of life here on earth?

It is long past the time to engage in this war. Fascism is once again on the march in the world – this time more subtle yet pervasive than its previous Nazi and Bolshevik iterations. We must stop the assault on our families and children. We must demand all of our government leaders become family advocates in their legislation. We must be assured that all who sit on legal benches across the nation support the family as it has been defined for the past 6,000 years. And, we must be prepared to remove from office all who refuse to support our position.

The time for excuses is over. The time for cowardice is over. The time for burying our heads in the sand is long past. Those who love America; those who love our children; and those who love the freedoms and prosperity we have long enjoyed must get into the war now before it is too late.

As liberals always cry when they want something more from taxpayers, let’s “do it for the children”!

Russ Hepler

Russ Hepler is a pastor, teacher, political activist, author, and conference speaker with over 30 years of experience. He holds a B.A. from Messiah College and an M.A.R. from Evangelical School of Theology. He has been an issues’ advocate, a campaign volunteer for local, state, and federal candidates, Regional Field Director for PA Christian Coalition, president of a county chapter of Pennsylvanians for Human Life, local Republican Committeeman, and an elected member of a town council. He is also a former and current homeschooler and taught in a Christian school (middle school History and Bible) for a number of years. He was formerly a blog writer for The Federalist Papers Project with over 900 articles published. He has been a guest on the American Family Radio program Today’s Issues with Tim Wildmon and on the Bill Martinez Live radio show. One of his sermons – Father’s Day – Where Have All the Heroes Gone? – was featured on the American Pastors’ Network. His first book – Yes! We Can Turn This Nation Around! A Practical Guide for Christian Political Involvement – was published in 2012. It has recently been updated and expanded for 2016 – Yes! We STILL Can Turn This Nation Around! An Updated and Expanded Practical Guide for Christian Political Involvement. Both works are available at He and his wife, Sherry, have founded Transformation 1202 Ministries to educate, encourage, and challenge people of faith to get involved in the political and cultural issues of our day. The ministry has a website, a blog, and a Facebook page: Turn This Nation Around.

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