Revenue week and yesterday’s links

Trump fires celebrity prosecutor who would not resign

Trump fires celebrity prosecutor who would not resign

…This doesn’t seem like a big deal to me (SooperMexican)

…Preet Bharara getting “fired” is a brilliant strategic move (Eric Dixon)

…What is really behind the firing of Obama holdovers in the Department of Justice? (Streiff)

…Session’s firing of 46 Obama-appointed U.S. attorneys isn’t scandalous (Andrew C. McCarthy)


Cal State ‘activism labs’ teach students new protest tactics (Nathan Apodaca)

College students support freedom for Muslim singers but not Christian photographers (Ericka Andersen)

Harvard library circulating ‘fake news’ list, which, of course, includes just about every conservative news site (T. Becket Adams)

No, professors’ academic freedom should not be virtually unlimited (Jonathan Helwink)

Vice Provost at Santa Clara University overrides student vote to OK conservative group (Aleister)

The Environment

EPA’s environment now toxic to social justice advocates (Leslie Eastman)

Environmental protest destroys the environment at standing rock (Brad Slager)

“Hardball” guest rules climate change is our biggest national security threat (Curtis Houck)

Barnard College to divest from undefined “climate change deniers” (Aleister)

Axing wasteful EPA program that gave leftist groups millions “racist” (JudicialWatch)


How central banks enable the money-creation process (Frank Shostak)

Sean Hannity is the 2nd most powerful person in politics, says Geraldo (SooperMexican)

Higher interest rates could explode budget deficits and our national debt (Brian Riedl)

Strong jobs report an encouraging sign for U.S. economy (Timothy Doescher)

How the NFL salary cap proves that socialism doesn’t work (Brian Nichols)

Original WaPo headline:

Immigrant food stamps

Headline replaced to match narrative:

Immigrant food stamps 2




Fighting the GOP’s embrace of Obama’s premise for health care (JD Rucker)

Time for a third party (Jeremy Frankel)

New executive order shows Trump is serious about cutting federal waste (Justin Bogie)

Texas bill would allow people to opt out of smart meters (Mike Maharrey)

Trump launches downsizing effort (Chris Edwards)


She’s not a thing. Stop trying to make Chelsea Clinton a thing. (Joe Cunningham)

Liberal hypocrites learn to love government shutdowns (Jonathan S. Tobin)

Elizabeth Warren opens as Vegas’ favorite Democrat in 2020 election (Nick Bolger)

Don’t worry. If the Democrats shut down the government it will still be the GOP’s fault (Jazz Shaw)

Hypocrisy alert! Can Nancy Pelosi please explain ‘the rules of silence’? (Twitchy)

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