America’s political left isn’t liberal enough

Delcaration of Independence

American Leftists, actually, aren’t Liberal at all.

The American belief that you own your life, that you are the rightful owner and only proper steward of the wealth you create and that the proper role of gov’t is as the servant of society rather than its ruler…

…these are liberal ideas.

And they are rejected by people who are pushing a regressive, corrosive, corrupt form of collectivism on America. The collectivist agenda is a regression of progress, yet they call themselves “progressive!”

We’re not going back…

At key times in human history, advancements have been achieved that elevated not only those whose enlightened work produced them, but the whole of mankind. The most significant of these were not only technological breakthroughs but also giant leaps of the human mind; advances in the way people think and interact.

The founding of America was one such advance. It marked the first time that any government would position the individual as the rightful owner and source of political power, the government as the servant to society and the natural rights of the human being as the transcendent, immutable measure of lawfulness and justice.

America’s founding documents were the first to articulate the natural rights of all human beings; to self-determination, freedom of conscience and expression, self-defense, private property and the duty of the people to enforce the bounds of government authority.

As much as our Declaration and Constitution served to codify our founders’ profound insights on the nature of humanity and government; creating the world’s most authentically “progressive” form of government, they also served to notify the whole of humanity that a giant leap forward had been realized; not only in philosophical but in practical terms: The Constitutional structure of our Republic was crafted to distribute, divide and balance power, keep it accountable to the people and offer meaningful recourse against government infringement of liberty.

People, politics, government and society the world over have been forever elevated by the advancement of human liberty made here in America.

We’re not going back.

It may sometimes seem that the forces aligned to seduce the population backward into subjugation under a central authority are winning. They cannot.

The insights and lessons that enlighten the power to live free have been gained and shared with the world… We can’t now unlearn them and return to a primitive understanding of what it means to be human even if that were desirable!

I believe that the Spirit of Liberty, intrinsic to all human beings and awakened by America’s foundational commitment to protect it, is surging in a powerful way still today. It is this spirit which will reunify our fractured body politic and reclaim its rightful place as the central purpose of this great and blessed nation.

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