Catching up big time and yesterday’s links

This has been a strange couple of weeks. We’ve been very neglectful of updates for multiple reasons, not the least of which is the rise of the Federalist Party. Moreover, I’ve been out leaving JD in somehwat of a lurch, but he made it through. Anyway, here are a ton of links from the past couple of weeks.

James Taylor

James Taylor

Delayed reaction

Delayed response


Chuck Schumer’s desperate gambit (Rich Lowry)

Obama’s IRS chief who dodged impeachment continues under Trump (Fred Lucas)

State Department official provides intel to the Chinese for cash, iPhone and vacations (Terresa Monroe-Hamilton)

Protesters disrupt neighborhood with ‘Queer Dance Party’ in front of Ivanka Trump’s house (Daniel Chaitin)

The Yassar Arafat of the Democrat Party (Matthew Continetti)

North Korea’s missile mishap

North Korea's missile mishap

Failure to launch


Utah police kill suspect with his own gun in dramatic body camera video (Bob Owens)

Chicago police arrest 14-year-old in sex assault on Facebook (WHIO)

2nd Amendment snowflakes: In Trump’s America, liberals are finally reaching for their guns (Jack Smith IV)

California Supreme Court Chief Justice accuses ICE of “stalking” illegal immigrants. Trump administration blasts her. (Ben Shapiro)

Mainstream media gets “stand your ground” laws wrong. Again. (Andrew F. Branca)

The Scene of the Crimes

The scene of the crimes


Trump social media director urges primary defeat of Rep. Justin Amash (Daniel Chaitin)

The Pence Rule (Kevin D. Williamson)

Former FBI agent testifies Trump was basically a stooge for Putin (Jay Caruso)

What this centrist GOP lawmaker gets wrong about the Freedom Caucus (Rachel Bovard)

Trump rips China for “trade deficits.” Here are 5 reasons that’s foolish. (Aaron Bandler)

Brian Molidor

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